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15 times ‘Teen Wolf’ played us for fools in 5×17

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Season 5, Episode 17, “A Credible Threat,” Aired February 16, 2016

Suspension of disbelief is something that ultimately always happens when watching a show that delves with the supernatural. Hell, sometimes it happens even when the show is grounded in reality (no, Grey’s Anatomy, I don’t quite believe that all the world-class surgeons somehow find themselves between the walls of Seattle Grace Hospital, or that quite so many catastrophies could happen in the same place, I’m sorry). But at some point, you may start to feel like some shows are really pushing their luck with how gullible their viewers can be, meaning it’s pretty much time to call them out on their tactics. It’s all in good fun though, some of these details make for hilarious questioning and Teen Wolf‘s “A Credible Threat” was particularly prone to being, well, not quite credible. Let’s dig in!

1. This isn’t specific to Teen Wolf, I’m 99% sure I’ve seen it on other shows too but…in the age of smartphones, why on Earth do these people never have previous conversations when they text?! Chris warns Scott that Parrish is hellhounding his way to the high school, and there is no text history? Surely they’ve communicated before? Reminiscing about how much they miss Allison, sharing wolfsbane recipes, gabbing about how Gerard is a necessary evil. Chris feels like the dad Scott never had, you know? (I realize Deaton can also claim this doubtful honor but let’s go with it).


2. BHHS has seen its fair share of violence and damage over the years, and it’s a wonder it’s still standing. Honestly it’s even more surprising that it’s still actually open. Seriously, fewer kids died at Hogwarts when the Basilisk was on the loose than these last few months of the Dread Doctors’ reign!

3. Scott and Kira are currently defying the odds of teen romance and staying together. This is high school, couples break up and make up over the course of a day, but you’re telling me these two are as good as married? Please. Although to be fair, with the resurgence of Dark Kira, things may be taking a turn for the “It’s not me, it’s you, I need space from your crazy Kitsune shenanigans.” Welp.

4. Speaking of Kira, she’s the newest member of the “I fight in my underwear” club, founded by Derek and Braeden back in season 4. I refuse to believe this is safe and Deaton-approved.

5. So Scott apparently finally healed when they got Lydia back because the pack is finally reunited. What about the brother he never had: Derek? And Isaac, his former favorite Beta who almost got adopted by Melissa McCall and actually lived in the McCall residence?! Stop talking crazy, Scott. You have no idea how magical healing works and this probably happened because for once in your life, you ate your green beans.

6. Mason is smart. Mason is sometimes funny. Mason is the fragile human who saves everyone else even though he’s the least likely to. Mason is…OH WAIT.

We already have a Stiles. There is no need for a lesser one and I’d appreciate it if the writers stopped giving Mason all the material that should go to Stiles.

7. Likewise, Liam and Hayden are not the new Scott and Allison, regardless of how much the show wants them to be. Endless makeout sessions and undying love promises that feel completely empty unwithstanding.

8. Did Lydia actually try to convince everyone that maybe nothing would happen at the lacrosse game? Or did I hallucinate the whole thing? Surely the latter would be more likely, because I can’t fathom how someone who senses death as much as she can and who just spent months in a insane asylum getting her skull drilled could suddenly become such an unrealistically optimistic pod person.

9. In fact, at this point, every single one of these teens should be checked in to Stepping Stones along with Coach Finstock.  It seems like a nice, soothing, place.

10. Parrish is dead?! Or… semi-dead? Who knows. Lydia seems very concerned about him. Good.

11. Theo has disappeared. So have the Dread Doctors. Did they go on a cruise in the Caribbean together? Those Doctors did look a little pale, time for some R&R in a nice resort, terrifying masks and all. Theo can vent his frustration by spearing innocent starfish.

12. How is there not a spinoff of Malia and her mom fighting bad guys together all while bitching at each other?!

13. More to the point, why is there not a spinoff of Stiles looking under everyone’s shoes and failing?

14. Still. At least it gave us my favorite scene of the episode and reminded everyone that Malia is still in love with Stiles.

This makes me veeeery worried about Stiles though, because there’s no way the Desert Wolf isn’t coming after him now that she’s realized Malia will do anything to protect him. And since we know Dylan probably won’t be in 6A much because he’s trapped in franchise hell, there’s a good chance the 5B finale is going to see him very badly hurt, or incapacitated in some way.

15. Sidenote but surely these people don’t think looking for a stray, size 10, bloody shoe is going to tell them who the Beast is? I mean, stay with me here but, WHAT IF THE PERSON SWITCHES SHOES FOR A DAY. How ’bout that, huh?


Other thoughts: in the last few seconds of the episode, our dear little friend The Beast is seen flying over a school bus…in which Cory and Mason just happened to be seconds ago. Are we to believe one of them is the Beast?
*whispers* please let it be Cory so he can disappear when the Man of Gevaudan comes back.

Next week is the flashback episode with the Maid of Gevaudan, i.e. Crystal Reed, i.e. I can’t wait to see her on the show again, even if it isn’t as Allison!



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