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‘Teen Wolf’ music: 5×16 “Lie Ability”

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I usually always look forward to new Teen Wolf music associated with specific scenes and I have quite a few playlists dedicated to the show, whether by season or characters or score music. Sure, sometimes the picks aren’t exactly my cup of tea (recent scenes from Sinema in 5A had me wondering if we needed quite that many music cues), but most of the time I’m excited to discover new artists. Season 5B has even brought on two of my current favorite songs, thanks to Delta Spirit in the premiere and SYML a few episodes ago. Now I’ll admit this is particularly ironic since the latter is a Stiles/Lydia moment but to be fair, the song was far better than the scene itself, so I’m just ignoring the association… as I’m going to do with a specific song in this episode. Because goddammit Teen Wolf, I am not here for what happened during “Lie Ability”, which you’ll find out when we get to the last song of the episode. *frowns at the screen*

“Bloodsport ’15” by Raleigh Ritchie 

“Bloodsport ’15” played during the “Hayden and Liam post-sex” scene. Which I’m still pretending never happened because I am severely creeped out by half naked supernatural tweens getting any kind of action on screen. Someone please make it stop.

“Find My Way Back” by Eric Arjes

This isn’t on YouTube but you can listen to it on Soundcloud!

Yes, Finding Carter is another MTV show. Yes, MTV recycles its music choices. Eric Arjes’ song plays as Stiles surges into the room where Lydia’s stranded and takes her out of there.

“To the Wonder (feat. Kina Grannis)” by Aqualung

Aaaand here we are. Now see, when a friend suggested I listen to Spotify’s new songs of the week playlist last fall and a couple of songs that had been on Teen Wolf popped up, I figured that when the new season started I might finally be able to recognize some of the stuff that had been picked! #excitement
Now it has finally happened and I’ve never regretted hoping for it more. Why, you ask? Well “To The Wonder” is currently one of my favorite songs. I listen to it on a daily basis, it’s associated with stuff I love and I never expected it to suddenly play 1. during one of the episodes I’ve liked the least so far in season 5 and in general 2. over a particularly awfully written and cheesy Stiles/Lydia scene. Not OK, Teen Wolf, NOT OK.

Hopefully next week’s music cues will be less offensive to my delicate sensibilities, but right now I’m considering the last song never happened.




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