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‘Teen Wolf’ music: 5×15 “Amplification”

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To be fair, when the episode ended I didn’t think there had even been any songs in it since it was so fast paced and dark and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time …  but as it turns out, I was wrong (hey, it has to happen sometimes!!).  Here’s all the ‘Teen Wolf‘ music from the episode.

“Magic Woman” by AM 

Not only do Kira’s kitsune powers help her wield a sword and project a giant fox that alternatively helps her or makes her go crazy, but she can also mess with electrical lines and provoke brownouts. Sadly, her level of control is dodgy at best, and Malia is the one to suffer from exploding lightbulbs while “Magic Woman” plays. Maybe now would be a good time to revive that insanely creepy murderer from 3B who also happened to be an electrical engineer. I’m sure he could help if he could stay sane long enough to not kidnap/kill any of the teens!


“Better Off”  (feat. Josh Roa & Bishøp) by filous

Several (shredded) lightbulbs later, Kira somehow ends up knocking out the Beacon Hills grid entirely as “Better Off” sounds in the background. Malia is wearing protective goggles and that’s all you really need to know. This scene is already a classic, trust me.

Check back in next week for episode 5×16: “Lieability”!




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