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‘The 100’ Wanheda: Part Two sneak peek


In this episode, Roan and his new BFF, Clarke, go for a dip in the river. Hiking is hard work and these guys sure know how to kick back and relax!

Just kidding! This is The 100, so there will be none of that! They do splash around in the river but it’s more because they are trying to kill each other. Kill or be killed. Just another day on the ground.

Roan, (played by the super hunky Zach McGowan) is holding Clarke as his captive. In Grounder myth, if you kill a person, you get their power and our girl, Clarke, offed all of the mountain. This makes her a hot commodity in the Grounder clans. So why doesn’t Roan just slit her throat when he grabs her? That’s because he is a bounty hunter, working for someone else, but who?

In the sneak peek, Roan is bested by Clarke a couple times. What is his deal? She falls over so he grabs her water and doesn’t drown her when she attacks him. I don’t think he is all bad or he would have offed her. “If he wanted to simply kill her, he could have done so right away, when he has a knife to her throat,” McGowan told EW. See! “He’s on a mission to find his bounty,” Zach added.

That must be some bounty! Either he is getting paid a GIANT chunk of Grounder money, he doesn’t believe in Grounder myth or whoever sent him for Clarke is holding someone he loves hostage or something. Either way, I am super interested in our new Grounder buddy.

Roan, on behalf of all of us, thank you for washing that crap out of Clarke’s hair. You rule. Oh, and don’t kill her because you are hot and I don’t want to hate you.

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 The 100 airs Thursday nights on The CW at 9/8c.

May we meet again!


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