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‘Lucifer’ recap: Did the premiere leave you feeling sympathy for the devil?

Image source: FOX

The Fallen One has arrived, and he’s one sexy devil. Don’t worry, based on the pilot he’s totally cool with all the God/Devil puns. Don’t you love it when your Dark Prince’s are so damn charming and comfortable enough in their “evil” personas to joke about it every now and again? Welcome to the world, Lucifer Morningstar. Your snark, charm, and gorgeous face will lead to some interesting times. From this point forward, this post will include spoilers from Monday’s series premiere of Fox’s new supernatural drama, Lucifer.

The series’ leading man Tom Ellis is clearly having a damn good time from start to finish as the plays the devil himself. The show jumps right in with Lucifer enjoying all the carnal joys the world has to offer. Lucifer is speeding along the streets of Los Angeles, and I immediately got those Entourage feels. Clearly, Lucy has hung out with Vincent Chase and the boys before and he’s got Arie Gold on speed dial.

Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer

Despite his reputation, Lucifer turns out to be all about the honesty and saying exactly what’s on his mind. He’s also got quite the gift for getting people to say what’s on theirs:

“People like to tell me things. Those deep, dark naughty little desires that are on their mind. It’s a gift. It must be something about this face.”

It’s definitely the face and whatever actual gift of persuasion he possesses. Interestingly enough, this gift does not work on his new friend, Chloe (Lauren German), but more on that later.

Lucifer uses this silver-tongued gift of persuasion to talk his way out of a speeding ticket in the episode’s cold open. Actually, it’s more of a bribe and tempting the cop to give in to his base desire. This same gift doesn’t work on fellow angels, apparently, as we find out when Lucifer returns to his nightclub, Lux. Amenadiel (DB Woodside) isn’t a fan of the world’s most notorious wayward son or his decision to take a vacay from the firey pits. Lucifer for his part is tired of playing the part of the ultimate “Big Bad”. Amenadiel isn’t here for Lucifer’s identity crisis or Daddy issues. “What exactly do you think happens when the devil leaves hell? All of those demons. All of those tormented souls. Where do you think they go?” (Hmm, that sounds scary and awesome. Pretty sure we’ll find out soon enough.)

After reaching a stalemate with his brother over the whole returning to hell thing, Lucifer reconnects with an old friend. He’s been doing some good. He talks a troubled “Lindsey Lohan”-type, Delilah (Annalyne McCord) into getting her life together and to stop blaming all her bad behavior on the devil. She wants to get things right, but sadly she never gets the chance.

Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer

She and Lucifer are gunned down in a drive-by. Being immortal and all, Lucifer comes away unscathed, but poor Delilah isn’t so lucky. Clearly there’s one very pissed of dark one in the house.

Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer

Enter Detective Chloe Dancer (Lauren German), Lucifer’s soon-to-be partner in crime … fighting. She’s smart, gorgeous, and has good cop intincts. She’s also not about to play any of Lucifer’s flirty games or have him interfere in her murder investigation case. So many questions about her character. Why does Lucifer think Chloe looks so familiar? And why does she appear to be immune to his gift of persuasion? The man keeps popping up though and somehow she’s continually one step behind, so she gives in and why not work with the devil you know.

Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer

Lucifer crashes a wedding looking for clues. He does his mind-melding thing and she gets quite honest about not wanting to have any kind of sexytimes with the groom. He goes after Delilah’s rapper ex-bae who happens to have a gun-toteing entourage. Doesn’t matter, since Lucifer’s immortal and all. He does get the information he wants and he finally realizes why he recognizes Detective Chloe. She was in some Fast Times at Ridgemont High rip-off called High School Hot Tub.

Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer

 The look on Lucifer’s face is priceless when his Jedi mind-tricks don’t work on Chloe. “You’re not like a Jedi or something, are you?” He does end up admitting some truths to her about why it’s so important to help solve Delilah’s murder. He thinks maybe the pop starlet’s fate might have been different if he hadn’t interfered with her career.

One of the most adorable exchanges happens when Lucifer meets Chloe’s seven-year-old, Trixie. He clearly does not despise children despite what he tells Chloe. He’s quite happy when Trixie makes the connection that he’s Lucifer, “Like the devil” Lucifer.


Lucifer encourages Trixie after finding out the little girl is in trouble for defending herself against a bully. He goes after said bully and hits her with the “fiery pits of hell” glowing eyes, “Hello, mean girl. Did you know there’s a special section of Hell reserved for bullies. So … have fun.”

Another great exchange hits the screen when Chloe and Lucifer drop in to visit Delilah’s therapist. Dr. Martin can’t keep her eyes off of him; he tries warning her off. Apparently, his charms are very addictive. He realizes that unlike the good doctor and the bride from the wedding he ruined, Chloe doesn’t look at him with the same “carnal fascination” as most mere mortal women (and a good portion of the TV audience). She’s immune to his charms. Dr. Martin witnesses their back-and-forth and can tell that Lucifer is disturbed by his non-effect on Chloe. For her part, the detective watches the therapist fighting with herself. Lucifer offers to “take a trip to pound town” in exchange for the information. “What’s wrong with her? Did you roofie her or something?”

Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer

Chloe is so confused watching Lucifer’s charms at work. People make the darndest confessions in his presence. Action star, Grey Cooper admits to wanting to be President one day and having an affair with Delilah. His wife happens to be standing there when he spills that truth. It’s all good, though, because she’s sleeping with his bodyguard.

As it turns out, Lucifer doesn’t have to use any unearthly powers to discover Chloe’s secrets. All it takes is a simple conversation. She went out on a limb on another case and things backfired on her. Apparently, it was so bad that no other cop wants to work with her now. Including her “ex-maggot”. Well, Lucifer begs to differ. He likes working with the detective and so a new cop/supernatural partnership is born.

Now to get to the “whodunit” portion of the episode. It was the sleazy ex-producer turned ex-fiancée, Jimmy. With Delilah dead, her record sales have soared and the money is pouring in. Lucifer wants nothing more than to make Jimmy suffer for his crime, and he does. Not before Jimmy shoots Chloe. He pays for that, too. Chloe sees Jimmy shooting at Lucifer and still coming, but doesn’t quite trust the memory when she wakes up in the hospital all hazed on pain meds. She does nearly fall for it when Lucifer tells her it’s been three years.

Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer

The start of a very beautiful relationship. He finds her interesting and irritating. She thinks he’s a jackass, but says it with a smile. The foundation for any great (TV) relationship. I ship it! What about you? Seriously, I’m already thinking of all the fanfics being born from that one scene of Lucifer and Trixie at the hospital with Chloe. He’s intrigued by this human so different from the others in the world.

Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer

There’s one last showdown with Amenadial, and of course Dr. Martin gets her naked cuddle time. Lucifer Morningstar is a man of his world, you know. He does tell her, that she’s going to have to listen to him, though. Guess, Lucifer feels the need to work out those Daddy issues and his current existential crisis by talking things out, and we fade to credits. There truly is no rest for the wicked.

Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer


So what do you say? Were you charmed by FOX’s new supernatural drama? I certainly was. Here’s hoping they embrace the camp and make this season as fun and sexy as the premiere was. So many questions:

  • What’s so special about Chloe?
  • Where exactly do those demons and tortured souls go when the devil leaves hell? How long before they show up in the “City of Angels”?
  • When exactly will Chloe discover the truth about her new….friend/partner? I suppose we’ll find out soon enough. I’ll definitely be watching. Will you?

Hit the comments with your thoughts on Lucifer’s series premiere and your favorite lines.

Episode MVP: Lucifer Morningstar

Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer

Clearly, the honors go to Lucifer himself. He was all wit and charm. A dangerous devil to know, but quite resourceful. Plus, he’s against bullies. No wonder little Trixie already adores him. She isn’t alone in that feeling.

Best Lines/Exchanges:

Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over?

Lucifer: Well, obviously you felt the need to exercise your limited powers and punish me for ignoring the speed limit. It’s okay I understand (sexy grin) I like to punish people, too. *cue explosion of ovaries* or at least I use to.


Officer: Are you trying to bribe me, sir?

Lucifer: Yes, of course. Is that not enough? Well, take more it’s only money.


Lucifer: I’m retired, Maze. I’ve got nothing but time.


Amendial: Your return to the Underworld has been requested.

Lucifer: Oh, right, okay. Let me just uh check my calendar. Uh, yeah here it is. The seventh of never through to the fifteenth of ain’t-gonna-happen. How’s that work for you guys?


Chloe: Lucifer Morningstar? Is that, uh, a stage name or something?

Lucifer: God-given, I’m afraid.


Chloe: You’ve got some balls on you, pal.

Lucifer: Oh, thank you very much but they’re really quite average.

Chloe: I bet.

Lucifer: Now are you sure we haven’t met. I could swear I’ve seen you naked. Have we had sex?


Chloe: Are you aware at all of how dickish you sound?

Lucifer: No.


Lucifer: You’re thinking about it, aren’t you?

Dr. Martin: What?

Lucifer: Yes, I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m like walking heroine. Very habit-forming. It never ends well.

Chloe: I’m sorry. Do you two know each other?

Lucifer: No, but I know that look.


Lucifer: I made a deal so I’m going to have to hold up my end of the bargain. You wouldn’t mind waiting outside

Chloe: Are you seriously talking about having sex with her right now?

Lucifer: Well, it won’t take long.

Dr. Martin: Well, I do yoga. Hot…yoga. I’m freakishly flexible. Wanna see? Wooow. Really tried to keep that one in.


Lucifer: Right. Well, I’d stay for the family reunion, but it’s giving me a terrible IBS. Look forward to seeing you soon, Chloe.

Chloe: I don’t (she totally does)

Lucifer: Bye, now. Glad you’re not dead.


Amenadial: I’ve been watching you, Lucifer.

Lucifer: Perv.

Amenadial: And I’m not sure I like what I see. You’re showing retraint. Mercy.

Lucifer: You’re scared I’m turning my back on the dark side, bro.


Lucifer: (to Amenadial) Look forward to eating your heart one day. Peace.


All photos belong to FOX/Lucifer


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