‘Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2’ may be planetary

According to a spoilery Nerdist article posted on the twenty-first, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will feature a unique villain; Ego the Living Planet. Now, I fancy myself a comics fan and I know of the other living planet, who is a Green Lantern, but I had zero knowledge of Ego. However, that was quickly changed as I dashed off to Marvel’s wiki and poured over his history. I came to the same conclusion that Bill S Preston did: Woah.


Let me make my case.

First: Ego would make a fantastic ‘big bad’ and not just because of his size. Marvel’s wiki entry describes him as being a “bioverse” granting him the ability to manipulate his surface material, granting Ego the ability to produce miniature drones of himself, and his atmosphere. Ego is a quirky and not well-known character and this is exactly why he makes such a compelling antagonist for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, as it continues the provocative directional status that James Gunn is known for. And let’s be serious, who thought taking a movie with a talking tree and a CGI Raccoon would become one of the most beloved of the Marvel films, and become a successful superhero film? Even with the built-in audience for comic films right now, Guardians was a gamble, and casting a living Planet as the main antagonist of the sequel, continues that boldness.

Second: In my information gathering, I discovered a piece of information that lends this outlandish proposition some credence: Ego has a history with both ‘Thor’ and Thanos. Marvel films are known to have a plan that they are working on, and this would be an interesting way to bring the Guardians into the Russo Brothers Infinity War. Even though it is yet unconfirmed whether this will even be the case, it does make it seem more likely to happen. Regardless, even if the Guardians have nothing to do with those movies (however unlikely that seems), Ego would be a great villain for Guardians Vol. 2 because of the quirky-ness of the original ensemble cast. And, after Ronan’s own hilariously awkward defeat from a dance off, I can’t wait to see what Peter Quill challenges Ego to in the sequel. 

(Image via Marvel/Guardians of the Galaxy)


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