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‘Game of Thrones’: Secret Twitter videos and season 6 predictions

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Welcome to 2016 where fandoms are all the rage and show runners know it. The Game of Thrones fandom got some nice pre-season jolts of energy today. The show’s official twitter account decided to casually incite social media chaos. Let’s take a look at the evidence and talk season 6 predictions.

In just one tweet, HBO set the Game of Thrones fandom ablaze. Thousands of people retweeted, favorited, and “sent ravens” to get little nuggets of info on the upcoming season. Of course, I made sure to get in on the fun!

House Lannister

I’m a little guilty of loving House Lannister and now, there’s twitter proof. They’re regal, cunning, and Jaime is caliente AF. Also, I love lions.

Last season we saw the rise of the new High Sparrow. He hates the Lannisters. A peasant revolt may very well be in the making and it’s hard to tell who will be the winner. The clip is a valid reminder that just because you sit on the Iron Throne doesn’t mean you can’t be overthrown. Ask any Targaryen. Oh wait, there’s only one left.

Cersei and Jaime need to go to couple/family/sibling therapy with all the drama and death. The Lannisters have come under attack from all sides. Now that their dad is gone, how will they fare? Papa Lannister always bailed his kids out in the nick of time. The new king is too young. He also likes to sit in his room calling for the destruction of his enemies while hiding under the covers. Cersei has lost a lot of power and Lannister buttocks may not be warming the Iron Throne for much longer .

House Targaryen

The people over at HBO are just awesome. The clip being in a different language just makes it all the more creepier and foreboding. So, let’s talk about House Targaryen — I love me some dragons. We left off with Khaleesi being captured by a horde of riders. We’ll probably see her being imprisoned but, she’s a Targaryen. She’ll survive and will be back in action in no time. She’s done the impossible already by being the mother of dragons, conquering a city, and controlling her own army. She did all of that with just her sheer will. Plus, Tyrion is on her side and he’s one bad-ass mofo. I hope her dragon is okay though. Near extinction after being actually extinct really makes you worried about their species survival.

House Stark

I hate Ramsay. I hate House Bolton. He and his father are two of the crummiest people to ever exist. Can they go extinct and the dragons thrive? Sorry, Ramsay speaking in this clip just reminded me of how much I dislike him. The Boltons may have Winterfell but the North will always belong to the Starks.

Sansa and Theon might escape and can g to his family home. This could possibly lead to a wedding. Think about it. Theon can’t have kids and is unsuitable for marriage but, Sansa has no other suitors. Father Greyjoy doesn’t care too much about his son and this alliance could help him conquer Winterfell. Arya is going to be the best mercenary when she grows up. Bran is mystical. I think Bran’ll make a huge difference in the war against the white walkers. Jon Snow is coming back because if he doesn’t I will cry and I can’t have that kind of negativity in my life. Ghost is going to continue helping out humans. My love for dire wolves will never cease.

These kids are so strong and fierce. They’re quite frankly  *stark* competition for all their enemies. Ned would be so proud. Maybe this season we’ll get to see a mini family reunion. They deserve it. House Stark has gone through some bad times.


I’m excited for the new season and April cannot get here fast enough! The promos are all about the noble Houses. Season 6 could have a lot to do with House loyalty. Tyrion’s already jumped ship. However, I also feel that everyone will band together to save Westeros. Winter is coming and dragons can help defeat white walkers.

P.S.: If you love conspiracies and the Targaryens, there are rumors floating around about extra Targaryens. The most common is that Jon Snow is actually the son of the Mad King and Lyanna Stark. It wouldn’t be surprising. Ned loved his wife and doesn’t seem like the type to cheat. It’s very possible that he took Jon in as his own bastard so no one would kill him. Varys is pretty pro-Targaryen and he might just be Aerion Targaryen’s child. We don’t know enough about Varys past other than his missing body parts. Then there’s Tyrion Lannister. Papa Lannister hated his “son”. There is a chance that while Papa L was the hand of the king, Mama L got boned by the king. If you want to know more in depth information on these mind blowing theories, check out this article and video by Uproxx!

Game of Thrones comes back on April 24th on HBO.


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