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‘The 100’: Thoughts on 3×01 “Wanheda: Part 1”


Season 3, Episode 1, “Wanheda: Part 1”, Aired January 21, 2016

Welcome back everybody! After months of waiting The 100 has returned and we couldn’t be happier!  Three months have passed since the events of the mountain and a whole lot has changed. This episode felt like a refresher and gave us a solid look at where everyone is now, location-wise and emotionally.  Let’s break this bad boy down by checking in with our peeps.

Murphy and Jaha

Murphy is still in the bunker where he found the tapes of that man shooting himself. Murphy is stuck watching the tapes on a loop and starts to go insane. Like super, crazy, dump wine on your head, yell in slow motion-crazy. After 86 days, the bunker doors open and Murphy goes to the house where Jaha and Alie are. Murphy is as confused as we are about Jaha’s creepy ass behavior. He decides to go with Jaha but I really wish he would go back to the rest of the group because Jaha has lost his damn mind. (Side note: When Murphy first wakes up after collapsing in the house, he is clean and groomed but it seems like he is just waking up for the time since his freak out. Did Jaha clean him up and brush his hair? Mini #Awwww for creepy Uncle Jaha.)

Jasper, Monty and Bellamy

Jasper is not doing well since the death of his lady and is laying drunk on the floor. Monty and Bellamy pick him up and bring him on the mission to find the Ark trackers. Bellamy has a girlfriend now who needs to go away immediately. We do get a small moment of happiness as the crew drives to find the tracker but it doesn’t last. Jasper is super reckless and messed up and he gets his throat cut by the Ice Nation dude and Bellamy and Co. have to kill him. I am sure there will be drama from that later on. Jasper also gets pissed when Shawn Mendes is singing a haunting Violent Femmes cover and they scuffle. (Good job Shawn!)

Octavia and Lincoln

Lincoln is on the Sky Crew’s patrol squad and Octavia is pissed. Lincoln thinks that by joining the patrol, he is helping to unite everyone but Octavia thinks it’s crap. She still sleeps outside while everyone else is cozy in their little Ark rooms. I loved Octavia riding the horse and speaking Grounder. Even though Lincoln has acclimated to the Sky Crew, she won’t budge from her Grounder ways and that’s awesome.


Clarke is on the run and killing panthers and stuff, you know whatevs. The Grounders want to kill her because she is the “Wanheda” and if they kill her, that person gets all of her power. Yikes. She goes to a trading post to get some supplies and trade her big cat. Some Grounders come in looking for her but the kindly shop girl says that she left two days ago. Clarke and the shop girl, Niylah, get steamy and Clarke avoids all talk of the mountain.  She sneaks out but is grabbed by those Grounder guys at knife point. Boo! I get why she ran, but I am already ready for Clarke to go back to her people. Come on girl, go home.

Raven and Dr. Griffin

She puts on a brave face, but Raven is having chronic pain and it’s super sad to watch. She struggles to keep up with her friends and needs Abby to help her get off the horse. Raven is so proud and hates that she needs help. Abby is having struggles of her own now that she is spreading herself too thin as the Chancellor and the doctor and having a hard time with Clarke’s absence. She urges Raven to talk to her about her pain but Raven dismisses her in typical Raven fashion.

I am so happy this show is back! Tough night for our ships, but I am very excited to see where all of this goes. What did you think of this episode? Sound off in the comments!

 The 100 airs Thursday nights on the CW at 9/8c.

May we meet again!


Meg Bonney

Meg is a TV obsessed writer based in the Midwest. She is also the author of the award winning YA-Fantasy novel, EVERLY and tends to be overly caffeinated. Find her on Twitter to chat about TV, books and Bellamy Blake's freckles.

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