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‘Teen Wolf’ recap: 5×13, Pack Rebuilding 101

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First of all: how gorgeous is the shot in that header?! In fact, a lot of the production value from this episode was fantastic, and I’m sure that comes both from artistic choices and shooting on location. In any case, between the desert shots and the storm ones, the cinema lover in me was very, very happy. Artistic aspects aside, what a weird, twisty little episode this was! Which isn’t to say it wasn’t good, but the tone definitely got real dark, real fast. Since the episode title is “Codominance”, it seems only fitting for this Teen Wolf recap to pit various players against each other.





With a double major in engineering and fangirling, Cecile frequently feels like she lives in the wrong time zone and has become increasingly familiar with sleep deprivation. The fact that she hates coffee doesn’t help, either. Her super powers include convincing friends to watch and become obsessed with 'Teen Wolf', one adorable Stiles GIF-set at a time.

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