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Image: Marvel

It’s Monday and I’ve got a crush on Chadwick Boseman. Seriously, the man is beyond handsome. Look at that profile and it’s even better when he smiles. Check out the photo below. You’re welcome *wink*.

Image: Chadwick Boseman

The American-born actor/producer guest starred in quite a few television shows before making his big break in 2013’s biopic film, 42. Before diving headfirst into his own film career, Boseman wrote and directed his own short film, Blood Over A Broken Pawn. In 2005, he earned high praise for his play, Deep Azure. The script was performed at the Congo Square Theatre Company in Chicago and was nominated for the Joseph Jefferson Award for New Work.

Chadwick majored in directing, but he crossed into acting with the desire to relate more with the acting experience. Boy, are we glad he made that choice. While I look forward to seeing more of his directorial and written work, I can’t imagine anyone else playing James Brown (Get On Up) and Jackie Robinson (42) with the passion and raw talent Boseman brought to the table. At some point, the actor wants to play Jimi Hendrix in a biopic, and how epic would that be? Boseman is currently filming a new biopic in the role of historic figure, Thurgood Marshall.

Image: Boseman in Get On Up (left) & 42 (right)
Image: Boseman in Get On Up (left) & 42 (right)

It makes sense that Boseman would follow up so many iconic roles by playing nothing short of a prince. No, it’s not Disney. Well, actually Marvel is Disney, but not that kind of prince. Boseman next role will keep him very busy over the next few years as he enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe to play T’Challa/Black Panther. T’Challa is the heir to the centuries-old ruling dynasty of the African kingdom of Wakanda. The kingdom was most recently name-dropped in last year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.

We’ll get to see Boseman in action when Captain America: Civil War finally hits the silver screen. Then, the actor will be busy filming Black Panther which is slated for release in 2018. Not to wish away time, but let’s get on with it. Can’t wait to see the amount of awesome, Boseman brings to this already crowded pool of superheroes.

Image: Black Panther/Marvel
Image: Black Panther/Marvel

Have you seen Chadwick Boseman in action before and how much are you looking forward to seeing him in Civil War? Hit the comments below with your thoughts and your vote for #ManCrushMonday.


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