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‘Teen Wolf’ promo video for “Damnatio Memoriae”

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Quite a few promos have come out since Teen Wolf’s winter season premiered—building the anticipation for what has yet to come … as if we needed that! Before we can talk about the Teen Wolf promo video for “Damnatio Memoriae”, we have to talk about this new trailer.

Despite the ominous threats coming from both the Dread Doctors and The Beast of Gevaudan, you’ll be glad to know the Beacon Hills bunch isn’t forgetting about biology, and by biology, I mean hormones. Kira and Scott, Cory and Mason—you name it, they’re at it. Why not? I guess, if the end of the world as they know it is coming, might as well go out in style. Still, you’d think after the utter fiasco of Scott’s leadership qualities in 5A he’d be a little more concerned about reuniting with his pack, and the girlfriend he has no chemistry with can mayyyybe wait.

Meanwhile, Theo is busy brainwashing his minions and plotting to get the Beast’s powers, Parrish is having an existential crisis, and Stiles is playing prince charming and retrieving Lydia from Eichen House.

More importantly: Coach and his legendary sassiness are back!! I happen to agree with him— rehab sounds a hundred times better than Beacon Hills. Also, did he come across Peter when he was there? Pretty sure a couple of months of being Dr. Valack’s cellmate would push anyone over the edge, and Peter never was the most stable Hale.

Against all odds, Malia might actually get that crown. You go, girl! Back to next week’s episode, “Damnation Memoriae” (promo video above)—here’s the synopsis:

“Even without the support of his pack, Scott considers what the Dread Doctors’ success means for Beacon Hills.”

What are you guys most excited to see? How Lydia’s holding up in Eichen and why Theo thinks she’s going to help with with the Beast of Gevaudan? More Chris Argent? Stiles and his dad being all angsty and protective about each other *insert “aww” sound here*? Is La Bete what Hayden and Liam are running from, or are they just taking a nightly stroll through the Preserve? What? Stranger things have happened!

Tune back in next Wednesday for the episode recap!

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays on MTV at 9/8c. 



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