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Did Margaery Tyrell – I mean Natalie Dormer – spill a season 6 ‘Game of Thrones’ spoiler?

The fierce as f*ck Natalie Dormer was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! To promote her new movie, The Forest, but, of course, the conversation turned to Game of Thrones. In addition to joking about her character’s affinity for JLo in 2000 plunging necklines, she may have inadvertently given away a little about her character’s fate in Season 6.

I can actually see Margaery wearing this. Image:

Let’s go back, way WAY back, at least it feels to me, to the end of Season 5. We watched as Queen Cersei is released from prison to do a walk of shame worse then my 2004 Halloween version. Yikes.


But Queen Margaery is still just hanging out in the dungeon probably wishing she hadn’t tried out for The Bachelor – King’s Landing Edition because this sh*t is not working out for her.


Now, a quick fast forward to Natalie’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel where she states that she did a lot of her filming in Northern Ireland, where King’s Landing interior shots are filmed, and Spain this year. Seems pretty benign, right? Maybe not. Feel free to watch again. I’ll wait.


Now, what could this potentially mean? Rumor has it that Spain could be the Season 6 location for King’s Landing. It is also the location for Dorne’s scenes. Let’s not forget, Highgarden, Margaery’s hometown, is a climate similar to Dorne so it could also be filmed in Spain. Personally, I’d be fine with some Margaery/Sand Snake interaction, but I would REALLY love a little more of the Tyrells. And by that, I mean more of Lady Olenna.

Seriously. Let’s just be best friends, Queen of Thorns, okay?


We also have to recognize that these actors are notoriously shady about giving away ANYTHING. If you’ve read the books, as I have, you may have a bit of insight here but, even so, we all know George is literally torturing us isn’t finished with the next edition. Margaery’s fate is as up in the air as any.

Sound off with your predictions in the comments below!


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