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‘Teen Wolf’ music: 5×11 “The Last Chimera”

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Teen Wolf is baaaaaaaaaaaaack *jumps up and down* and so are the music posts I know you’ve all been waiting for! Spotify’s songs of the week playlist is great and all, but what’s a girl to do when she’s listened to it 4 times and hasn’t sparked with any of the songs?!

This week’s song selection for “The Last Chimera” was, as usual, spot on.

“Lost It All” by Jill Andrews 

This song plays while Scott has a temper tantrum because dying isn’t all sunshine and daisies (who would have thought). Unfortunately it isn’t available online yet, so you’ll just have to watch that scene on repeat if you want to listen to it again! There are worse things to do, honestly.

“The Wreck” by Delta Spirit 

Delta Spirit’s soft tones play over an almost silent scene at the hospital, when the Sheriff finally recovers and Stiles is sleeping by his side. Ugh, my heart can’t take this song, you guys. I’ve been listening to it ever since I watched the ep and I’m already in love with it.

“Blow Up The Outside World” by Alex Clare 

Theo and his undead Chimera pack finally get in to Eichen House, and Blow Up The Outside World eerily plays in the background, a pretty fitting theme for what they have planned (i.e. using Parrish, our neighborly Hellhound for sinister means). Sadly this version of the song isn’t available yet either, but you can always listen to the original.

That’s all for this week, but I’m so happy the show is finally back! Check out the 5×11 recap for more dirty deets on the ep!




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