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‘The Leftovers’: Best sounds of season two

(Image Source: The Leftovers/HBO)

It takes a certain finesse to pick just the right music to go along with a certain scene. Too much and your show becomes an insta 60-minute music video, or worse—a barrage of seemingly never-ending montages that leaves your audience on edge for all the wrong reasons. (I’m looking at you, Sons of Anarchy.)

Give me a show with stellar writing and actors who can make me cry and smile like a fool within seconds of each passing emotions, and I’ll be a happy TV viewer. Consistently, pair that awesome writing and acting with a song that reaches deep and pulls me further into the moment, and you might just be the best show I’ve seen all year. Well, that last part has more to do with the writing than the music, but sometimes the sounds are the cherry on top.

Haven’t seen The Leftovers season 2 yet? Well, first check out some of the amazing music below. I’ll try walking that fall line and not give too much away. Stay for the music and then RUN to your nearest outlet to get your fix of some quality television.


 1. Let the Mystery Be” – Iris Dement

The opening song changed this season but really listening to the words and watching what was happening made it the perfect choice.


2. “Homeward Bound” – Justin Theroux/Kevin Garvey

Talk about moving, Kevin’s cover of the Simon & Garfunkel hit won all of the tears and boxes of Kleenex in the season finale, “I Live Here Now.” Amazing moment in this character’s very complicated season-long journey.


3. “Take It All” – Ruelle

Plays in S2E2, “A Matter of Geography” as The Garveys and Nora attempt to begin again.


4. “Don’t Worry” – Justine Skye

Plays in S2E1, “Axis Mundi”


5. “State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.) – Jim James

Plays in S2E6, “Lens”


6. “Departure (Reflection)” – Max Richter

Plays multiple times throughout the season.


7. “Lean On (feat. MO & DJ Snake) – Major Lazer

Plays in S2E1, “Axis Mundi”


8. “Where is My Mind” – Maxence Cyrin

Plays in S2E3, “Off Ramp”


9. “You’re One I Want” – Lo-Fang

Plays in S2E4, “Orange Sticker” during an awesome moment between Nora and Kevin.


10. “I Ran” – Hidden Citizens

Plays in sneak peek for S2E3, “Off Ramp”


11. “Leave Your Love” – Young Summer

Plays in S2E3, “Off Ramp”


12. “Figure Eights” – Max Roach

Plays in S2E3, “Off Ramp”


Bonus Song: “Retrograde” – James Blake

Yes, it was from the first season, but it still gets as much play as anything else on my phone.



(All music belong to the respective artists and any clips belong to HBO/The Leftovers.)


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