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Book Review: “A Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness


If you love witches, vampires, history, and a great story line then you should definitely read A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness! A Discovery of Witches (ADoW) is Book One of the All Souls Trilogy which is a gift to humanity courtesy of its author.

Diana Bishop could be considered your run-of-the mill historian if it weren’t for the fact that she is a witch. She spent her days avoiding the more supernatural aspects of her existence until one day her discovery of a mysterious lost alchemical manuscript labeled “Ashmole 782” completely immersed her into a life she swore to leave behind. Her world became full to bursting with vampires, daemons, and other witches battling to get the ancient text from her. Matthew Clairmont is the vampire scientist of your dreams. He has the brains, the looks, and a fortune to enjoy. Matthew initially just wanted the manuscript but as he spent more time with the intriguing Diana Bishop, he found himself falling in love with her. Together they fight other creatures to learn more about Ashmole 782, Diana’s magical abilities, and be together.

What I loved about the novel was how much information Harkness was able to include without overwhelming or confusing the reader. Her use and explanation of topics such as Charles Darwin’s views on extinction, mitochondrial DNA, and various aspects of history add depth and maturity to the book. Plus, she added details about incredible wines thanks to her knowledge on the subject (Harkness has an award winning wine blog). The characters are complex and with her writing style, they seem real. Her attention to detail is unmatched whether it be introducing a character or location. Harkness also created a free reading companion for ADoW which is available on Amazon. I’m fighting the urge to divulge any specific favorite moments to avoid posting spoilers, but trust me, this is a book you want in your life. ADoW is mesmerizing and once you start reading, you’ll find yourself hoping the magic never ends.

Conjure up the All Souls Trilogy for yourself over on Amazon.


Surya Cherian

Surya moved to Hollywood with two suitcases and a new haircut. Indian and Catholic, she’s always been a conundrum, but her sister says, “she’s alright.” Her fave shows are Gilmore Girls and Bones. Follow her on Twitter for nonstop craziness.

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