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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ – Let’s Discuss (SPOILERS)


If you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, YOU ARE DEAD TO ME! Just kidding! But here is your warning that this post contains fun, shenanigans, Oscar Isaac obsessing, and big fat SPOILERS. You have been warned!

After seeing this epic movie, I caught up with Liz, Cecile, Courtney, and Brittney of to get their thoughts.


Who was your favorite NEW character in Force Awakens and why?

LIZ: Poe Dameron. He’s the Chris Martin of the galaxy, AKA the coolest MF in the world. I’m still not sure if Poe himself or his epic head of hair stole the show.

CECILE: BB-8 *heart-eyes* (counts as a new character, right? Not just a new robot)? That little squeaky baby droid was one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen in my life. (No it is not weird that my favorite thing about the movie is a robot, right? Right??) If I had to pick a human, I’m going to have to agree with Liz and say Poe Dameron. I was not ready for Oscar Isaac and his flawless hair or his pilot skills.

COURTNEY: This is actually a really hard question because I enjoyed them all so much. BB-8 was adorable and I want one immediately. Poe Dameron was dreamy and I’m so glad we’ll see him again. I got worried there for a bit. Loved the hell out of Finn and Rey both. There was also Lupita as Maz and she was fantastic. My favorite, my favorite…please don’t make me choose. Okay let’s call it a split decision between Rey and Finn since there wasn’t enough Poe this time around.

BRITTNEY:  Rey! She is strong and independent. She does not need the help of a man, to be a hero.

MEG: Has to be Rey. She embraced her abilities and kicked ass. She’s super scrappy and takes care of herself. I love her!


There were some great lines in this movie and it was funnier than previous Star Wars movies. Did you have a favorite comedic moment?

LIZ: Finn and Rey’s first encounter when she says he must be a part of the Resistance, and he pauses and says, “yes … yes of course …” (not sure if those were the exact lines, but it was hilarious.)

CECILE: Pretty much everything Finn said, honestly.  I’ll narrow it down to when he calls Han Solo “Solo” and Han is all “Did you just call me Solo??” and Finn squirms and says “Han. I mean Mr. Solo!!” Either that or when Rey’s learning to use the force and the Storm Trooper (Daniel Craig cameo omg!) goes all “aaaand dropping my gun” or something at the end, that killed me haha!!

COURTNEY: Finn was hilarious throughout. My favorite moment was the scene with Rey and the Stormtrooper.

BRITTNEY: Rey says,”That’s junk.” (She is referring to Solo’s ship.)

MEG: That whole interaction between BB-8 and Finn when Finn is trying to convince BB-8 to cover for him. BB-8 gives him that little robot thumbs up! Hilarious!


We saw lots of call backs to the original Star Wars movies. What was your favorite?

LIZ: The intro. Not really a call back, but it’s a consistent, nostalgic piece that makes me tear up every time.

CECILE: To be perfectly honest, I wish there had been fewer call backs. I know J.J. had to relaunch the franchise and all but too much fan-service feels like pandering and that’s never good. I did enjoy the parallels between the stories though, with Kylo Ren being the evil son of two people who’ve fought for good, as opposed to Anakin Skywalker who was the big bad and his children were the good ones, etc.

COURTNEY: The Millennium Falcon flies again

BRITTNEY: I liked when the old video game popped up, when Finn hit the table.

MEG: The cantina style band was a great touch.


Was there anything you didn’t like or something you wish you could change about it?

LIZ: The big “death star” blow up scene, or whatever that thing was called. That didn’t feel like a nod, it felt like it they need something big to blow up, so they called it “nostalgia” to make it easy to come up with a big sphere-ship to blow up.

CECILE: NOT ENOUGH POE DAMERON. Seriously, he disappears as the movie starts and only comes back at the end? Hell no.

COURTNEY: I need to know if Rey is a Skywalker!! For a while I thought she was somehow Kylo Ren’s twin sister but then I felt like Han/Leia would’ve acknowledged it or she’d have been with them the whole time.

BRITTNEY: I thought they could develop Poe more. He seemed very one dimensional.

MEG: I wanted more emotion from Leia. Maybe a quick scene of her breaking down after Han died.


What do you want to see more of in the next movie?


CECILE: Kylo Ren. Adam Driver blew me away in this movie! He’s unbelievably talented and I want more back story about him going over to the dark side because of that wrinkly Gollum-looking Snoke. There has to be more to it. Also what kind of hair products does he use and does he share them with Severus Snape?!

COURTNEY: More Poe, more Kylo and all of my new fave characters. Really enjoyed this go round. Great launching pad to explore this new future. Can’t wait to see what happens with Luke now.

BRITTNEY:  I want to see more of Finn and Rey together, getting into shenanigans,

MEG: More backstory on Kylo Ren, Rey and Finn and MORE POE! And maybe Luke can speak?


Kiss, Marry, Kill: (Dark Side Edition) – Kylo Ren, Darth Vadar, and Darth Maul?



LIZ: Kylo Ren. #ThemLipsTho

CECILE: Darth Vadar… I know, but I can pretend he’s still sweet Anakin underneath okay?!

COURTNEY: Darth Vadar, is it me or is the voice just sexy?

BRITTNEY: These are all dudes. Pass!

MEG: It’s lame that the dark side is nothing but guys! I’d have to go with Kylo Ren on this.



LIZ: Darth Maul. His makeup game is #OnFleek, and I’d bet he’d share

CECILE: Kylo, I can tell there’s some good deep down and he can be redeemed. (Or at least I’m hoping he can!)

COURTNEY: Kylo, though I’d probably end up strangling him after his first temper tantrum.

MEG: Darth Vadar. He wasn’t so bad.



LIZ: Vadar. Sorry Hayden, it’s for your own good.

CECILE: Darth Maul because the make-up terrifies me.

COURTNEY: Clearly kill Darth Maul!

MEG: Darth Maul. Such a creep.

What are your thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Sound off in the comments below!


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