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‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ 3×10: “It” just got real


Season 3, Episode 10, “Maveth”, Aired Dec 8, 2015

First of all, full disclosure:


But let’s get to it!

Reunion on Maveth. Fitz and Ward scuffle on the dusty planet of death. Fitz is super feisty, which is great and even though they are battling, I love seeing these two together. Fitz finds a hatch and guess who he finds inside!? Will! They recognize each other immediately (because of Simmons’ phone). Of course, Ward can’t resist the urge to poke fun at the obvious “Simmons” issue. Oh, Ward, always a mean older brother.

Back to Maveth. Will and Fitz hatch a plan to ditch Ward and the Hydra jerks. Will leads them into the wind storm to lose/kill them and it works! Fitz doesn’t love that Will kills the Hydra guys. (Remember this!) Ward is pissed but doesn’t have much time to react when Coulson shoots the remaining Hydra douches and finally comes face to face with Ward.


The band is back together! The S.H.I.E.L.D team successfully takes the Hydra base and they find the portal, only May isn’t with them. She goes to find Andrew/Lash but what she finds is dead Inhumans. Lincoln is annoying and keeps insisting on destroying the portal so that the evil thing can’t get back out. Mack decides that the he will stay with the portal and the rest of the team needs to leave. Daisy stays with him because they are adorable. Mack is actually a really good leader.

Back to Fitz Will. They stumble on an ancient city and Will seems to know all about it. Why?!?! Because it isn’t Will! WILL IS DEAD! IT’S THE INHUMAN, “IT”!


Fight club! Fitz and “It” start fighting and Ward and Coulson come over the hill and they start fighting. The portal is open but everyone is too busy fighting to notice! Fitz thinks quick and shoots “It” with a flare gun and we see something ooze out of Not-Will’s mouth. Fitz turns back to urge Coulson to hurry up, telling Coulson to leave Ward. Coulson, still on his super reckless streak, kneels and crushes Ward’s chest with his strong hand, while Fitz looks on in shock.

Did he just kill Ward!?

FIRE! May fires on the Hydra base as a containment unit flies up to the awaiting ship to reunite with the team. EVERYBODY IS SAFE! FitzSimmons is back together, Lincoln and Daisy kiss, and Couslon hugs May. It’s a happy moment for the team (sorry Simmons), but Coulson and Fitz exchange a telling glance. Fitz clearly sees that Coulson is off the rails. He didn’t need to kill Ward, he could have left him for dead, and Fitz is right to be worried. But why worry? Ward is dead, and so is “It”, right?


As Malick drives away in defeat, a figure blocks his path. It’s Ward with the “It” Inhuman in his body. Ward is Death. AHHHHH!

What does this mean? Will “It” retain some of Ward’s memories, because it seemed like “It” did when it was “wearing” Will. What does this mean for Coulson and the team? Will Lash join Ward? I need to know! What did you think?

Me? I am fine. I am totally fine, guys.

Is it March yet?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns in March on ABC on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.


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