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5 Times ‘The Vampire Diaries’ ripped our hearts out to Birdy songs

You know the ones—The Vampire Diaries is the champion of all things #FEELS. It seems that almost every time we’re left sobbing in our living rooms Birdy is playing in the background.

Let’s break down the top five sob-tastic Birdy/TVD collaborations.


The Original (no pun intended)

The Jenna funeral scene: “Skinny Love”; Season 2 – Episode 221: “The Sun Also Rises”


Forwood feels

Caroline and Tyler are sobbing in her room while Birdy’s “Shelter” plays. Season 3 – Episode 303: “The End of the Affair”


Bonnie and Birdy, Part 1

Bonnie’s funeral—damn you, Birdy! Ugh, the feathers! “Without a Word”; Season 5 – Episode 504: “For Whom the Bell Tolls”


Bonnie and Birdy, Part 2

We can’t ever listen to “Wings” without hearing Jeremy scream, “BONNIE!” in the background. Season 5 – Episode 522: “Home”


Mother/daughter feels

When Liz asks Stefan to watch over Caroline when she passes. First Caroline’s dad, now LIZ?! We’ll never get over her death. “I’ll never forget you.”; Season 6 – Episode 612: “Prayer For the Dying”


Share your favorite Birdy/TVD moment in the comments below, and catch up on The Vampire Diaries on!


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