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‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’: Thoughts on 3×09 “Closure”


Season 3, Episode 9, “Closure”, Aired Dec 1, 2015

Buckle up, kids—this was a crazy one!

Coulson and Rosalind. Oh, man. This was the cutest dinner ever. They have burgers and wine and chat about their next moves. She opens his ketchup! It’s so cute and then (GASP!) Rosalind gets struck by a bullet, shot by Ward! She dies in Coulson’s arms. RIP Coulsalind.

Let’s talk about Ward. A heartbroken Coulson returns to the base covered in Rosalind’s blood ready to take out Ward. He decides the best way to beat Ward is to talk to everyone about Ward. It’s so clear that the key to Ward is Daisy/Skye. He never lied to her. Why don’t they send her in?

Fitzsimmons. These two get kidnapped and they come face to face with Ward. (Side note: I love seeing Ward back with some of the original team.) Ward and his jerks start torturing Simmons for info on how to get the Inhuman back from the mystery planet. To stop them from hurting Simmons, Fitz agrees to help them because:



Coulson, Bobbi and Hunter (Team Crazy). Coulson is out for blood and recruits the craziest guy he can find (Hunter) to help him. Bobbi drives. These yahoos go bust up a bank and take Ward’s little brother as leverage.Using Ward’s brother against him works and they are able to trace the call and find the Hydra base and Ward.

Secret Warriors Assemble! Mack takes over the Director duties and Agent May backs him up. After Coulson tells Ward that he is coming, Daddy Mack gathers the Inhumans for a mission to save Coulson and the others. Awesome, it’s happening!!!

The Portal. Everybody is just jumping into this damn portal! Fitz agrees to go in (so they won’t hurt Simmons). Ward is swayed by Malick and decides to go in and lead the portal mission. And then COULSON jumps from the plane into the portal! WHAT?!?

This was a crazy episode with so much happening and next week promises to be a game changer before the series takes a break. Can’t wait!

What do you think will happen next week? Hit me up on Twitter (@MLPet1228) and tell me what you think! Until next week!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on ABC on Tuesday night at 9/8c.


Meg Bonney

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