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5 times ‘Teen Wolf’ brought on the sass

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Despite taking place in a godforsaken, beast-infested town, if there’s one thing Teen Wolf (almost) never loses, it’s its sense of humor. Five seasons in, what gave the show heart in the beginning is still what keeps it grounded now: finding levity when there is none, and diffusing difficult situations with sarcastic quotes. Granted, that last one may just be Stiles, who honestly doesn’t know when to shut up and is probably going to end up with his throat slashed by some demon who ain’t got no time for his wit.

Long gone are the days when Jackson Whittemore roamed around the BHHS halls, whether as a lethal lizard or a bullying (ex) boyfriend.

Still, you can’t deny his talent for sick burns, and Lydia was kind of the worst in season 1.  She was in good company, though, because Stiles was already well versed in the arts of manipulation with a side of guilt.

Danny-boy had no idea what was coming for him when he started getting tangled with these kids. That said, he did get half of a monster-twin-alpha so there are perks, I suppose. Speaking of twins, while Ethan was busy wooing Danny with actual feelings, Aiden was having hot make-out sessions in deserted closets. Yes, that does the trick for some people, apparently. You’d think he would be the forward one, but in reality Lydia had to take things in her own hands. Or his, to be accurate.

That nun line still kills me, not gonna lie. (Am I going to spend “an eternity in the lowest circle of hell” for this y/y? At least I won’t be alone; right, Stiles?)

No post involving some of Teen Wolf’s funniest scenes would feel right without including at least one Isaac GIF. His undying love for one Scott McCall makes for some of the best moments in the series.

This is an actual reinterpretation of Snow White’s “Who is the fairest in all the lands” scene, by the way. This is 100% legit information, trust me.

Remember when I was saying that Stiles’ sarcasm wouldn’t end well for him? Liam is a beta with anger issues, honey, don’t poke the (baby) bear.

This is just a tiny selection of really great moments, and I can’t wait to see more in 5B. Jeff Davis did say that Stiles would bring back the funny, after all! He better not be kidding about this because while angsty Stiles brings out some of Dylan O’Brien’s best acting, as a Stiles fan it’s also quite painful to live through.

Teen Wolf season 5B is almost exactly ONE MONTH away! 

Here’s a final bonus, because one cannot simply get enough Sassy Isaac.




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