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Everything you need to know about the new ‘Teen Wolf’ trailer

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Hey, MTV, you know what would be nice? A WARNING. You know, before you unceremoniously dump a brand new Teen Wolf trailer on me around 11:30pm. Sure, I realize France is not your target when it comes to release times, and there were some hints thanks to oddly eerie pics.

AngryAngryBeta certainly did not have me cackling and thinking “Ooh, just like Hungry Hungry Hippos” to myself, by the way.

Nevertheless, this wild goose chase led to the unveiling of a new link: which is actually a YouTube page for the new 5B trailer! There’s a lot of new footage, so let’s get down to it.


I guess even the notably lax Beacon Hills police department had to notice that kids were dying left and right at some point, and the result is a now heavily guarded high-school.

Thank you, Theo, for this enlightening speech … but what did you think Scott’s pack was trying (and failing) to do so far?!

The Returned

When Jeff Davis said he was “working hard on getting previous cast members to come back”, I’ll admit my first thought was not about Deucalion or Gerard Argent. However, the end of season 3A felt too open-ended to not seize the opportunity of bringing back His not-so-blind Majesty of Alphas. More importantly? Chris Argent -and his guns- are back, y’all!

Werewolfiness score: A+

Sadly, these 3 aren’t back to gather around mountain ash spiked punch and reminisce about the good old times: “Hey Duke, remember when I gouged out your eyes à la Game of Thrones? Let’s do that again, sometime!” but because of a terrifying new threat: The Beast of Gevaudan. Of course, Gerard and Chris know it well since it is part of their family ancestry.

Nice L’Oréal effect there, Beasty.

It seems like Theo has recruited Deucalion to steal the Beast’s powers though, thus ensuring that he’s still the shadiest dude in town. Senior Superlative-wise, he has now graduated to: Most Likely To Stab You In The Back With A Poisonous Claw.

Theo and Malia, sittin’ in a tree … P-L-O-T-T-I-N-G

This brings me to the WTF scene between Theo and Malia. Which actually isn’t all that surprising, considering how they left things off in 5A. She doesn’t realize the extent of his evilness, and he’s a (manufactured) were-coyote, just like her. He’s the first person, aside from her murderous birth mother, with whom she feels some sense of kinship and that’s hard to forgo. What’s more, she and Stiles broke up over the course of 5A for completely stupid, avoidable, contrived reasons.

Going from:


Theo, in the meantime, had already been making moves.

The Desert Wolf has been absent from promotion but we know Theo’s going to meddle in that story too, and Malia probably isn’t going to take too kindly to it.

Or is she?! Admittedly, Theo is still the worst, but his chemistry with Malia is undeniable and he’s a fantastic villain so I’m really looking forward to see where this is going.

Chemistry 101

Meanwhile, Lydia’s being very environmentally friendly and sharing showers with Deputy Parrish, who undoubtedly needed some cooling down after all that fiery hellhounding he’s been doing.

More surprisingly, Lydia ponders how she’s going to save her friends while she’s stuck in Eichen House.

What I’m not here for, however, is Stiles apparently being the only one who can retrieve her from the asylum. It does very much feel like the writers are pandering to a very vocal, and very aggressive part of the fandom that’s been clinging on to a ship that sailed ages ago. Stiles and Lydia as close friends? Sure, makes sense. More than that? Not so much.

Ruins of time

Speaking of Stiles, things aren’t looking great on the Bambi-eyed, supposed-to-be-comic-relief-but-actual-angst-ridden, murder-y-teenager- front. His dad’s in the hospital, his friendship with Scott is hanging by a thread (if that), his girlfriend is off flirting with a psychopathic Chimera … it’s no wonder the title of his character poster is what it is (spoiler alert: VIOLENCE), and that he’s looking so forlorn in the trailer.

That’s a lot of new information to deal with, and it only brings on more questions! Does Theo really want to team up with Scott to defeat La Bete, or are his motives more sinister? Is Gerard truly capable of helping anyone but himself? Is he still spewing black blood? How does Parrish even factor into all this?!

I’ll leave you with this lovely visual because I have no idea what it even is.

The Chimera pack rising? Some sort of blood sacrifice? WHO KNOWS?
Tumblr user sassyshanks got it right.

Is it January 5 yet?!



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