7 Zombie movies for the halloween season

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The dead have risen to take over the world. Zombies can be found everywhere these days, and unless they are chasing you that necessarily isn’t a bad thing.  It seems that we all just can’t get enough of the many versions of the zombies. This list has them all: The shamblers, the runners and the talkers.

Night of the Living Dead


Shot on a very limited budget, this classic black and white movie is one of the few films to change the horror genre. The movie sets the stage for a trope that will be played out again and again in independent books or movies. A group of survivors barricade themselves in a house where they try to survive the walking dead who can only be killed by a blow to the head.

Return of the Living Dead

It turns out all that stuff from the Night of the Living Dead movie was true, so let’s go mess with it. Yes, this is how two blundering warehouse workers accidentally release the living dead back into the world.

Although RotLD is a horror comedy the zombies in the film are terrifying. It just isn’t because they are undead, but because of the effects of the Trioxin (the liquid gas that reanimates the dead) effects just not only people but animals as well. The chemical’s effect allow the dead to talk. If you ever wondered where ‘Brains’ comes from, this is the movie. And yes—there is a reason why zombies crave brains. Another terrifying thing about these zombies (besides the fact they can thinK and run) is that destroying the brain does not stop them.

Shaun of the Dead


One of the great things about this movie is how the uprising starts and Shaun is totally oblivious to all that is  happening around him until it is too late. This film is a balance of humor and horror with a cast of characters that all serve their own purpose. Keep a sharp lookout on the extras in this film as they often come shambling back into frame at a later point in the movie. Everyone should see this delightful horror rom-com at least once.



Another horror comedy that teaches you valuable life lessons through the rules needed to survive in Zombieland. The movie is never really scary, leaning more to characters playing through the parts of being untrustworthy to each as they move to needing each other to survive. Check reality at the door though,  Zombieland is a wonderful movie as long as you don’t ask how the power is still on among other things.

Rule #32: Enjoy the little things.


Taking place in a 1950-esque alternate reality where radiation from space has turned the dead into zombies. This resulted in the Zombie Wars and the humans won. The corporation Zomcon has come up with a collar that helps control the zombies so they can be put to work in the population. Zomcon provides collars with accompanying remote controls. The remotes control the zombies’ hunger for flesh and enables them to be used as slaves or servants.

When the family receives their first zombie, young Timmy promptly named him Fido who manages to run into a few problems around the community. Before all is over with, there is murder, mayhem, zombification, and a full-scale zombie riot at Zomcom.

28 Days Later


Animal activists are the downfall of England when they release a monkey who is infected with the Rage virus. Things spiral downhill quickly after that. There are no zombies in this movie, just packs of the vicious infected in this tale of survival. Even without ‘real’ undead there is something utterly disturbing about seeing London vacant of all life while the haunting movie theme song plays.


I admit that when you throw the name Arnold Schwarzenegger in with a zombie movie that you are bound to raise a few eyebrows. Interestingly enough the Terminator plays the role of Maggie’s father rather well. You see Maggie has been bitten and is slowly going through the change. This is a world where zombies happen but for the most part things are somewhat under control. Nothing is perfect but the world does have a plan along with knowing how to identify those that are pretty much doomed. As you can imagine it is a dark story. Not a ton of action going on in it just the story of a daughter and the father that loves her enough to protect her as long as he can.

What’s your favorite zombie movie? Let me know if the comments section below.


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