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The 10 best Teen Wolf episodes ever

Teen Wolf, with technically 5 seasons—but actually 6 and almost 7 with 5B—is starting to have had a good, long run. And since we’re gearing up for the upcoming winter season, how best to while away the time than reflect upon the best moments the show has delivered so far? Drop your (seasonal, lacrosse-jumper- themed) knitting and join the fun! Here are the 10 best Teen Wolf episodes so far.

10. 1×09 — “Wolf’s Bane”

If I reveal it took me a couple of times to get into Teen Wolf, does that get me kicked out of the club? By episode four (on my third try…) I was ready to admit I was going to watch any and all episodes this show had. Episode 9, with its “IT NO FIT” scene, finally cemented the fact that not only was I in for the long term, I was in in.

A casual fan no longer, I gave in and became the “I will get up at 3am to watch an hour-long panel of these dorks hugging each other and talking about bipedal lizard men, change my phone background to the cast + puppies, quote episodes by memory” type of fan. SO. This was a Very Important Episode.

9. 2×09 — “Party-guessed”

If Lydia’s birthday party involving a set of heartbreaking hallucinations wasn’t enough…

This episode also features Peter coming back to life, and Victoria Argent killing herself.

So. You know, just your run-of-the-mill Teen Wolf goodness.

8. 5×02 — “Parasomnia”

It’s a testament to the writing on the show when it can take a character that wasn’t introduced in the best way in a previous season, and make him a highlight and genuine delight to see on screen in the next. Yes, I am talking about our resident baby werewolf, Liam “I fell in a hole” Dunbar. This episode also has this Stiles/Scott scene, making it instantly unforgettable.

7. 5×01 — “Creatures of the Night”

The only reason this episode isn’t at the very top of the list is because Teen Wolf gifted us with stellar episodes that weren’t premieres and therefore packed more of an emotional punch. This one, however, is almost perfect. It’s sweet, funny, tense all at the same time, it has fights and touching moments crisscrossing throughout, new characters and old melding seamlessly… I can’t praise it enough.

6., 5., 4., and 3. — Pick your 3B episodes

Listen, I could have written this list with season 3B only (minus 3×21), it’s that good. I didn’t, because while I would very much enjoy an All About Stiles post (which may still happen), I do try not to behave like a child and spread the joy.

In “Illuminated” Isaac wants to paint all the bodies.

Speaking of making out, “Echo House” marked the beginning of Stiles and Malia and confirmed Malia as the best new character in 3B.

Hurry up your make-out sessions, children! “(De)-Void” Stiles is on the loose.

And then the unthinkable happened in “Insatiable”

RIP Allison Argent, you’re still saving the day in our hearts.

2. 3×11 — “The Overlooked”

We’ll be taking a short break from 3B to reminisce about this gem of an episode. What’s not to love? Stiles is crying (as am I), the parents are all in danger, Jennifer reveals her true (scary as hell) self, Derek is beyond pissed off and Scott (briefly) goes over to the dark side. Bonus sassy Isaac and Peter and a haunting song that covers the entire end of the episode and BAM, it only gets better on every re-watch!

Oh, Der-bear. He sure knows how to pick them, doesn’t he?

1. 3×18 — “Riddled”

Believe me, I don’t even want to talk about this episode. It is the episode That Shall Not Be Named, where nothing awful happens and no one is left sobbing but also terrified by the end. Nope. Stellar acting, heart-breaking scenes, pivotal storylines, it has it all.

So while I try and recover from the traumatic experience that is recalling what happened in “Riddled,” what is everyone else’s favorite episode?

Hopefully 5B will bring on some new ones, check back on January 5th, 2016 and find out!

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