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A list of fantastically bad vampires

The entertainment industry loves the supernatural, especially vampires. Here’s a list of bloodsuckers that embody everything we find intriguing about the species. Let’s start with the ones on television!

  • Aidan Waite (Being Human, SyFy): Aidan Waite is gorgeous and aggressive, but lovable. He’s trying to be a good guy but it’s not very easy. He’s feared by many vampires as his reputation doesn’t paint him in pretty colors. But, lets be honest, that’s why we love him. He protects his friends and goes his own way. Did I mention he’s handsome?
  • Spike and Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel)
    Spike and Angel were Buffy’s love interests, and the latter had his own show. Spike was the bad boy who fell for the girl and decided being good was the way to go. He got his name from his preferred method of killing people which incorporated railroad spikes. Angelus aka Angel was not as evil as Spike but he could hold his own. He was known as the “Scourge of Europe.” Both of these men were seductive and extremely appealing to the eyes. They are definitely two of the most well known vampires in television history.

  • Russell Edgington (True Blood)
    HBO’s True Blood is a fantastic watch for those who want more adult drama in their lives. Russell Edgington was on the more notorious side of vampires on the show. He was malicious and smart. He was the Vampire King of Mississippi and the oldest vamp on the show. He hates people and quite frankly does not care much for those he deems “less than.” Also, murdering a newscaster on live television is just really ballsy and savage.

  • The Mikaelsons (The Vampire Diaries & The Originals)
    This is one amazing family. Every single member is unique, strong, and cunning. Then, there’s Finn. The Mikaelsons are terrifying but you can’t get enough of them. Rebekah has a heart of gold and is loyal. Klaus is ruthless and a true crazy vampire. Elijah is classy but strong and confident. Kol is a hot mess, but an intriguing hot mess. Mikael is the father no one wants to have and his desire to destroy his children definitely places him on the “Worst Vampires to Cross” list.

  • Katherine Pierce/ Katerina Petrova (The Vampire Diaries)
    Katherine is the complete opposite of her doppelgänger Elena. She’s spunky, smart, and will stop at nothing to ensure her survival. Remember when she let herself burn just to make Klaus think she was compelled? She’s bad and she makes sure everyone knows it. To be honest, I think she would be great to meet, but I wouldn’t trust her with anything.

  • Damon Salvatore and Ripper Stefan Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)
    Damon is one of my favorite vampires. He’s slick with his words and actions. His love and loyalty for his friends and family is unmatched. In the beginning, we all thought he was horrible, but luckily, we got to see better parts of him and you can’t not like him. His comments and personality are also perfect. He’s the best mix of bad boy and hero that ever existed. Stefan is at his vampire best when he is in ripper mode. The amount of damage he can do is ridiculous and he proves that even the most well-tempered persons can have homicidal tendencies.


Now, let’s head over to the big screen.

  • Dracula (Van Helsing, 2004)
    This guy was in desperate want of a family but maybe all the failed attempts were for the best. He isn’t exactly father material. He loved to terrorize local villages and let his three maniacal wives out way too often. He could only be destroyed by werewolves and he was smart enough to control any that existed. His ability to fly did not amuse Van Helsing, and his incredible strength did not help his opponents.

  • Count Orlok (Nosferatu, 1922)
    Nosferatu is the silent German film adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Due to issues concerning rights to the book, the film changed the names of characters to form a sort of loophole. Count Orlok is Dracula, Professor Bulwer is Van Helsing, and Nosferatu actually means vampire. Orlok did not embody the seductive appeal we usually see of vampires. He had a face only a mother could love and his besties were rats. His actions were not always on screen but that only made viewers fear him more. Nosferatu is a must see movie for horror and film lovers.

  • Eli (Let the Right One In, 2008)
    Yes, it’s Swedish. Yes, it’s awesome. I watched this movie years ago but it left an impact on how bone chilling the existence of child vampires could be. Eli was quiet and upon first glance, you’d think she was extremely breakable. When she’s hungry, she will eat you and she is yet another vampire I wouldn’t want to bump into in an alley.

  • Dracula (Dracula, 1931)
    This is the best of all movies with Dracula. It’s the classic that Bela Lugosi portrayed perfectly. His allure and hypnotizing abilities helped make this Dracula the most well known and critically acclaimed version. He is timeless and this film shows how Hollywood can shape society’s knowledge of mythology and lore.



Vampires have had a huge presence on both the big and little screens for years and I hope that never changes. Their speed, agility, and strength are extremely enviable. The fact that they’re usually gorgeous and seductive just makes watching them all the more fun. Cheers to great television and movies!

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Surya Cherian

Surya moved to Hollywood with two suitcases and a new haircut. Indian and Catholic, she’s always been a conundrum, but her sister says, “she’s alright.” Her fave shows are Gilmore Girls and Bones. Follow her on Twitter for nonstop craziness.

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