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‘Arrow’ season 4 premiere: The “Green Arrow” makes his debut

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Season 4, Episode 1, “Green Arrow”, Aired Oct 7, 2015

We all knew Ollie would be getting a new suit this season. We knew it would fit more snugly and reveal more of those awesome Ollie arms. What we didn’t know was that the director was going to deliver it to us this way:

Source image: The CW/Arrow
Source image: The CW/Arrow

If you are a true Arrow fan, and you tell me you didn’t get a charge out of the above scene, I just have one thing to say to you:

Of course the whole puttin-on-the-suit thing was at the top of my list of favorite scenes from the premiere. It’s where we need to see Ollie. But the scene below is also at the top of the list because it’s where Ollie needs to be.

The CW/Arrow
The CW/Arrow

I love that scene. And it’s not because he’s shirtless!

I love that scene because Ollie is happy. He’s smiling … a real, genuine, I-am-happy-to-be-alive smile. It’s beautiful. It’s tender. It’s … temporary. I believe Ollie will be able to hold on to a piece of his domestic happiness for a little while after returning to Star City, but it’s only a matter of time before the job gets in the way. But that’s okay. Even avid Olicity fans look forward to a little tension from time to time. Gotta keep it real!

Speaking of keeping it real … while Oliver and Felicity are busy canoodling in everyday suburbia, back in Star City, this is happening:

The CW/Arrow
The CW/Arrow

Trick or Treat? Speedy is still learning her way around the Star City vigilante scene. With Laurel showing her the ropes, she should be up to, well, speed, in no time. Hmm. That’s actually kind of scary considering that Laurel is still pretty green herself. Or is it yellow? With so many colors bouncing around, it’s getting hard to keep track. Right, Speedy?

Source image: The CW/Arrow
Source image: The CW/Arrow

Alrighty then.

An element of this episode which I found to very irritating was everyone accusing Oliver of being a monster. Diggle hit below the belt and Lance is just being his obnoxious self with a chip the size of Everest on his shoulder.

Funny how Ollie’s inner darkness suits them just fine when they need someone to go with them into battle. Diggle needs to take Lila’s advice—because the wife is always right—and forgive Ollie so they can all move forward.

Of course, Diggle did come through for Ollie when it mattered, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to hand over the key to the Arrow lair anytime soon.

With Damien Darhk as this season’s big bad, the team better reconcile their differences soon, figure out the chain of command, and get back to kicking ass. Otherwise, Darhk and all who follow in his wake are going to eat them for breakfast. It’s clear that Dark has something other than badass ninja skills on his side, so the team really has no idea how to bring him down. He’s not a meta human. He’s just a mean mofo with deadly mystical gifts as part of his arsenal. FUN TIMES!

So, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how everything plays out. Only time will tell. Like, maybe 6 months?

Oh, BTW, who do you think is in the grave?

Stay tuned …

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.


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