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The 3 new faces we’ll see in ‘Arrow’ season 4

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Raise your hand if you’re counting the days until Oct. 7the for the return of The CW’s Arrow!


ME TOO!! And if the first trailer didn’t get you amped up enough, check out this one. I’m tellin’ you, this show just keeps getting better. And we have so much to anticipate! Ollie’s new suit is killer, and the way he tells Darhk in the first trailer “you’re about to find out” who he is … Domestic Ollie is sweet, but Badass Ollie makes me all tingly inside.

In addition to Ollie’s new suit, and Diggle’s tribute to Magneto, we also get a new Arrowcave thanks to Det. Lance’s witch hunt. Seriously, I think the wrong Lance bit the dust last season. But the upside is the team’s new lair. Entertainment Weekly blessed us with this sneak peak:

Nice! And big enough so that when the kids aren’t getting along, they can all retreat to separate corners. Does the above picture make anyone else think of this:

Ollie and company did become pretty good with swords thanks to our dearly departed Ra’s.

Source images: The CW
Source images: The CW

Aww. Did I reopen old wounds? Sorry. Bygones.

Now that we’ve gotten glimpses of new suits and new spaces, let’s talk about some of the new faces we’ll be seeing in season 4 of Arrow.


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