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‘The Vampire Diaries’: 5 Iconic Damon and Elena moments

The CW’s hit show, The Vampire Diaries, has featured numerous steamy relationships through the years, but none are more epic than that of Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), affectionately referred to as “Delena” by fans. Elena had her time in the sun with Damon’s brother, Stefan (Paul Wesley), in the first few seasons of the show, but no relationship whipped fans into a frenzy more than Delena. Dobrev may have permanently left the show *wipes away tear* but this couple will live on as one of TV’s greatest and most passionate. We will go down with this ship!

In honor of this iconic love, here are five of the most memorable Delena scenes, in no particular order because that would be impossible and you can’t make us.

1. The “Heart of Darkness” motel kiss (season 3, episode 19)

Delena Heart of Darkness

We’ll never be able to listen to Florence and The Machine’s “Never Let Me Go” again without thinking of this scene. The sexual tension between Damon and Elena had been brewing for three seasons, and it all finally came to a head when they took a road trip and ended up giving into each other outside of their motel room. Of course, third-wheel-Jeremy eventually spoiled the mood, but it was still a moment that will hold a special place in all Delena fan’s hearts.

2. The final goodbye in “I’m Thinking of You All the While”  (season 6, episode 22)

How could this scene not make the list? In Damon and Elena’s final moment together in the season 6 finale, they danced, they cried, they kissed—it was depressing, and beautiful, and everything we could have ever wanted. Her sendoff was so poetic for Damon, seeing how he arrived back in Mystic Falls in season one because the previous love of his life (Katherine) was locked in a tomb for over one hundred years. The man is used to waiting. Full circle, people!

3. Elena and a sweaty Damon in “As I Lay Dying” (season 2, episode 22)

The feels! These two had been on a rocky road up to this point, but Elena showed some tenderness and forgiveness toward Damon after he was bit by Tyler. With werewolf venom pumping through his veins, Damon tells Elena he loves her and she gives him a kiss. She may have done it half out of sympathy (maybe), but we’ll take it. It was a beautiful moment that made a lot of fans make the leap to the Delena ship.

4. Damon steps in as Elena’s escort in “Miss Mystic Falls” (season 1, episode 19)

Delena dancing at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant in season one could be the most iconic The Vampire Diaries moment ever. After Stefan falls off the Ripper rails for a hot second and leaves Elena hanging at the pageant, Damon swoops in and saves the day. The eye contact and the sizzling chemistry between them in this scene is unforgettable. Dancing is kind of their thing.

5. The fireplace kiss in “My Brother’s Keeper” (season 4, episode 7)

This was the moment every Delena fan in the world screamed at the top of their lungs because these two finally admitted their feelings for one another and got it on. Don’t believe us? Watch us have full on mental breakdowns while watching this scene (you’re welcome). It was a long time coming. Not even Caroline’s simultanious yammering about the sire bond could ruin it for us. A burning fireplace, bourbon, red velvet drapes, and the hottest hookup ever—what more could you want?

Tell us what epic Delena moments we missed, and which ones are your all time favorites in the comments below.


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