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Everything you need to know about Netflix’s ‘Jessica Jones’

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Hello, fellow TV addicts. Recently, Netflix hit us with a double-shot of Marvel goodness in the form of a teaser and a premiere date for its next comic series, Jessica Jones, leading up to a Defenders crossover event (still years yet to go for that one). After a very successful run at Daredevil earlier this year, Netflix will release Marvel’s Jessica Jones on November 20, 2015, starring Krysten Ritter as the titular heroine. As per usual, all 13 episodes will drop at once and leave us with the all-important question of “to binge or not to binge?”

Less than a full minute in length, the new teaser doesn’t share actual footage from the upcoming series, but we can glimpse different bits of artwork as Of Monsters and Men’s ultra-moody “Thousand Eyes” plays in the background. We hear an eerie, taunting whisper calling Jessica’s name.

So, who exactly is Jessica Jones? Here’s a quick rundown of what we know so far:

She’s a former superhero turned private investigator and she’s dealing with a pretty dark and twisty past. This same twisty past involves the ever delightful David Tennant (Doctor Who, Broadchurch) and apparently, he’s playing a very bad man. Not the sexy “I can fix him” bad boy type. No, he’s a bad, bad man. Hence the creepy, Freddy Krueger level whispering from the teaser. “JEEEEESSSSICA.”

During this July’s TCA summer press tour, executive producer and showrunner, Melissa Rosenberg revealed that, though Jones and Daredevil exist in the same cinematic universe and mythology, Jones will have a very different tone and look. Rosenberg also described Ritter’s character as, “incredibly flawed, damaged, and interesting regardless of gender.”

Anyone familiar with Krysten Ritter’s portrayals in “Breaking Bad” and “Don’t Trust the B- in Apt 23” are fully aware of the amazing things this lady can do with dark and twisty characters with a dash of the inappropriate. During a recent interview with Marc Strom, the actress called her role as Jones, the biggest challenge of her career.

Also joining Ritter and Tennant? Mike Colter (Luke Cage), Rachael Taylor (Trish Walker), Carrie-Anne Moss, Eka Darville, Erin Moriarty, and Wil Traval. Rumor has it that Hell’s Kitchen’s very own Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) might be dropping in as well. Dawson’s character was last seen helping out a certain Devil in season one.

Check out the teaser trailer below and hit the comments. Are you wishing away the days, too? November 20th can’t come fast enough. To binge or not to binge—I can’t resist. What say you?


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