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5 perfect musical moments from ‘Teen Wolf’ season 5A

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As you all know, music is a big part of MTV’s Teen Wolf and the song choices often make already iconic moments even more memorable. Here’s a selection of those I liked best from the latest season. Enjoy and listen as you read!

  1. “Ava” by Famy 

Ava played during several, very emotional moments of the season premiere and now I really wish I hadn’t rewatched the whole sequence because I wasn’t ready. I am not crying, you are, I have something in my eye. An “ode to Allison / Malia making it to Senior Year and picking Tate instead of Hale / Derek allusion” kind of thing. The song concludes as the brand new Seniors slow-motion walk their way out of Beacon Hills High and I wish I didn’t know what kind of terrible things awaited them.

2.  “Wild Ones” by Bahari 

Scott and Stiles’ friendship has never been as frayed as it was at the conclusion of this season, but the rupture started as early as “Parasomnia”. Stiles, certain Theo is bad news and willing to go to any lengths to prove it, gets called out by an (ever too) trusting Scott who wants to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

3.  Strange Entity” by Oscar and the Wolf  

Hate Theo all you want, you can’t deny he’s woven his way in with everyone, mostly by flirting (except maybe with the Dread Doctors, but since they’re basically patchworks of sewn together flesh, I won’t hold it against him). But he does have the particularity of sharing a special connection with Malia, what with them both being part-coyote. Although she came to it somewhat more naturally than he did … but still. “Strange Entity” is in the background while they banter about Malia sucking at driving. It’s okay honey, driving isn’t for everyone.

Bonus: ‘Eyes Closed’ by Hermitude isn’t available but the snippet heard when Theo and Malia are on the road is!!

4.  “Holland” by Glass Face

Before they got annoyingly instalove-y (and then she died and came back to life, somewhat ruining the whole “first love” thing they had going on), Liam and Hayden shared some pretty cute moments. “Holland” is a gorgeous song that plays as Hayden wonders what she has become and Liam reassures her.

5.  Running with the wolves” by Aurora

I wish this song had been given more screen time because it’s so good that when I first heard it I couldn’t stop listening to it. It fits so well in the Teen Wolf universe,  lending itself to a moment when Lydia’s fighting skills come in handy.

Aaand there are many more, which you can check out thanks to all the music posts from this summer’s season!

Teen Wolf returns to MTV with new episodes in January, 2016. 



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