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The top 10 ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ episodes

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I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer and picking my ten favorite was harder than I thought it would be since there are so many to love, and for very different reasons. But after careful thought, here they are:

#1 “Once More with Feeling” (Season 6, Episode 7) The musical episode!

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Let me go on record to say, this is my favorite episode of any show ever, not just Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You get musical numbers and dancing but it also really moves the plot forward, which is not typical for a musical episode. A demon comes to town (Sweet) and everyone starts breaking out into song, but they aren’t all happy and fun songs, they are as soul-bearing as they are catchy. Like when Buffy tells her friends that she was in Heaven, Anya and Xander show the fractures in their relationship, and the one that leads to a very swoon worthy kiss at the end.

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#2 Hush” (Season 4, Episode 10) The very silent and very terrifying episode!

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Holy shiz. The Gentlemen are the scariest monsters in all of the Buffyverse. In this creepy episode, we see the people of Sunnydale lose their voices to these terrifying, floating, silent guys. The only thing that can stop them is a scream. This episode proves that even without the witty banter, this show is gold.

#3 “Fool for Love” (Season 5, Episode 7) Spike’s past becomes the focus.

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In this episode, Buffy is injured by a vamp and seeks out Spike to learn how he killed two slayers. Buffy and Spike argue as usual and she crushes him (more than she knew) at the end of the “slayer lesson” when she tells Spike that he is beneath her and walks away. Not only are there some great flashbacks, but they are cut in with the real time Buffy so that while he is killing a slayer on the subway, he is peering up at Buffy in the alley. As a Spike enthusiast, this one stands out because it gives us a glimpse into his past as a poet and a sensitive man before becoming a soulless vampire. These traits show in his vampire life, as evidenced by the end of the episode where Spike goes to kill Buffy but softens when he sees how upset she is. It’s a great Spuffy moment.

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#4 “The Gift” (Season 5, Episode 22)











In this season 5 finale, we see Buffy make the ultimate sacrifice to save her sister. She was always a hero, but this brought it to a different level. This one speaks for itself.

#5 “Tabula Rasa” (Season 6, Episode 8)

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Tara wants Willow to stop using magic for a week when it’s clear Willow is going overboard on spells. Willow doesn’t last a week—she only goes about five minutes. Willow does a spell to fix things but it goes wrong and makes the gang forget who they are.

Buffy thinks she is Joan (and has a renewed sense of fight), Spike is Randy (a soul having vampire) and Gile’s son. Anya and Giles think they are engaged and they make out and argue. And the rest just have no clue. When the truth comes out, everything crumbles. Giles leaves:

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Tara leaves:

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Michelle Branch sings, and Buffy takes comfort in Spike:

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#6 “The Wish” (Season 3, Episode 9)


Cordy is pissed about how things are going and blames Buffy. Anya shows up, and as a vengeance demon, she grants her wish. We see how Sunnydale would look if Buffy never moved there. Bonus: Evil Vampire Willow!

#7 “Lovers Walk” (Season 3, Episode 8)

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This episode is great because it is one of the very few times we get to see Angel, Spike, and Buffy together. Spike vents to Joy about his love life and it’s perfection. And Spike’s speech in the magic shop was excellent. Spike takes Willow so she will help him get Dru back with magic. Poor, Spike.

#8 “The Body” (Season 5, Episdoe 16)


Buffy goes home to find that her mother is dead. It’s not supernatural, it’s just real life. This episode was incredibly realistic and showed how a family death really feels. There is no music, no fluff—just raw emotion. It is so well done and chilling that it is one of my favorites, but it is the episode I watch the least because of how real it feels.

#9 “The Becoming: Part 2” (Season 2, Episode 2) The finale of Season 2.

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In this episode, Angel is still without a soul and trying to open a Hell dimension. Buffy works to stop him and is joined by Spike. This is also the episode where Buffy’s mom finds out Buffy is the slayer. The scene has Spike and Buffy pretending to be in a band and ends with Joy telling Buffy that if she leaves, she shouldn’t bother coming back. In one of the most heartbreaking moments of the series, Angel regains his soul but it is too late—Buffy must kill him in order to close the portal. Losing your first love is hard, but having to stab him in order to save the world is brutal.

#10 “Wrecked” (Season 6, Episode 10)

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This episode is great for many reasons. It is in the aftermath of Willow and Tara’s breakup and we see how they treat Dawn like their “child of divorce”. Former rat, Amy, and Willow get too into the magic. Spike realizes that he can hit Buffy and goes to the The Trio to find out why his chip isn’t working right. Watching Andrew talk to Spike about Doctor Who is reason enough to love this episode, but the last five minutes tend to stand out the most. This is the episode where Buffy and Spike start by fighting and end up having some “house-crumbling” sex that changes everything.

Yowza! *Fans self* Okay, what are your favorite Buffy episodes? Sound off below!

We’re out!

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