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‘The Originals’: Breaking down the season 3 trailer

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Hey, m’loves! Missing our fav hybrid lad, Klaus? What about Queen H (aka, Hayley)? Or, Elijah bossing your screen? Well, then you are indeed in luck. Feast your eyes on the season 3 promo vid for The Originals below!

Let’s break it down.

  • Cami gets down to the deep truth with Klaus by reminding him, “you are scared because the people you love are angry with you.” Damn right they are. How do you think Klaus can win back over his ‘family’? Or, can he even? I think it will be interesting this season to see how/if Klaus will gain mercy from his previous wrong doings.
  • WAIT, is that Elijah holding baby Hope? Yup, it is indeed. *insert heart eye emoji*
  • Klaus being classic Klaus uses fear as a method to show everyone exactly who is boss, “I am Klaus Mickaelson. I am the thing that men fear.” Well, OK then … looks like no one will be messing about with you any time soon.
  • Elijah reminds us all that battle is still “brewing.” How do you think the team will cope with the new problems they face with in the new season? With broken relationships, can they stand against what needs to be overcome?
  • Um, Davina … are you like, OK? What da fucque is going on with what seems to be blood pouring out of her eyes? Is the new power she’s gained now working against her? Let’s just hope our teenage witch doesn’t cross over too far to the dark side.
  • Freya hits us with a very vague statement of what is heading to New Orleans, “you will all” *dramatic pause* “fall.” Wow, straight to the point then, Freya! What on Earth could she be referring to? What will cause their fall? Gosh, I need more, like, NOW!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. And, don’t forget to catch the new season premiere on Thursday, October 8th.

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The Originals airs Thursdays on The CW at 8/7c.


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