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Julie Plec’s juicy spoilers for season 7 of ‘The Vampire Diaries’

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While Elena Gilbert is sleeping softly in her magically induced coma, the Heretics are officially taking over Mystic Falls in season 7 of The Vampire Diaries. Looks like things are well and truly shaking up in MF. Can Damon, Stefan, and Co. handle the pressures that is due course, while grieving the loss of Elena? I sure as hell cannot wait for what the season will bring. New cast, new storylines, and no doubt, new tragedy’s, will keep all us viewers on our toes. Luckily for us, Julie Plec has been ever so kind and teased us with what we can expect in the upcoming season in a recent interview with Alloy Entertainment.

We get to see a world without Elena Gilbert and what all our other characters are doing in her absence and how they’re all finding their own way, and what new obstacles come into their paths.

Ok, number one I’m thinking DAMON. How the heck is the poor lad living on without the love of his life? As most of us may expect, Damon could be channeling his season one bad boy phase. If this is true, then I cannot wait to see what shenanigans he will get up to. But will anyone be able to control him? With Alaric grieving his own loss, the rest may find it a struggle. Number two, we need to discuss Bonnie. I mean, heck it’s going to be hella awkward for our fav witch due to the linking bond that her and Elena share. Will people blame her? I sincerely hope not as Bon-Bon has certainly been through enough. How do you think Damon, Bonnie, and the rest will cope without Miss Elena Gilbert?


Stefan and Damon’s mother is present, and it’s them trying to work out how they feel about her as she’s ultimately mothering this group, the family that she’s chosen over them.

Pushing aside previous overall themes of the Originals, the Doppelgangers, the twin merge, and more, we have a new one in season 7. Seems like the theme of family is centralizing some major storylines. I’m not really sure how Stef and Damon will deal with their own mother choosing another ‘family’ over them, but I’m pretty positive it could potentially throw them off the edge. How does one even cope with the ultimate betrayal from a parent? The thought of how the brothers will overcome this obstacle is incredibly saddening. Shout out to Damon and Stef with the upcoming loss of both Elena and their mother. We’re all here for you, loves!


… when you no longer have the center of your story around one singular character it opens up a lot of new avenues to explore.

Plec perfectly sums up that having no Elena is this season has actually allowed the writing process to have more leeway for future plots. This is what makes the new season all the more exciting. Like, anything could now happen … The focus on the show is now shifted which can allow previous and new characters to grow further. I think this will be a great thing for the show. Just because we think we know all the characters already doesn’t mean we actually do. I am waiting patiently for the other characters to take the step forward and change up the show for good. There is so much more to explore and I think this will bring an edge to season 7.


It was a long time coming. There really isn’t a reason why we hadn’t done it before other than we’ve never had the characters that fit what we wanted to do.

Here, Julie talks about the shows first same-sex couple. I’m sooo happy they finally found a way to fit this in and explore a new intriguing love story. This will bring the show up with modern day times and highlight a major debacle that some folks still have. Props to you, Julie. Bravo! With a new love story on the show, it can allow the hole of Damon and Elena to be filled with a blossoming new romance. Yes, I’m pretty sure we will see some drama like with any relationship but I’m pleased with an exciting new couple to come into focus in the new season. Thoughts on how it will pan out?


Their relationship has definitely been a slow burn, but they’ll get past the slow part soon enough. There’s some kissing in the first episode. That’s all I’ll say.

Oh-to-the-em-to-the-gee! Let’s talk Steroline. The thought about what’s going to go down between the two is wracking my brain. Clearly from that statement, Caroline is done with the waiting and is jumping on the bandwagon that is indeed Stefan Salvatore. You go, girl! I mean, who would really turn down the babe that is Stef? Caroline, I swear you should’ve jumped on that bandwagon waaay sooner. Anyway, I think it will be interesting to see whether the two will take the next step in their relationship. Or, if they will/could go back to being friends. What’s your thoughts on Stefan and Caroline?

You can read the whole interview over at Alloy Entertainment.

Make sure to catch the new season when it premieres this Fall on October 8th. No excuses, y’all!

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