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5 shows we want to see Sarah Michelle Gellar on

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We all know and love Sarah Michelle Gellar. She played the iconic, badass Buffy Summers and was in Ringer, The Crazy Ones, and some great movies. She is a busy lady (currently launching Foodstirs, a kid-friendly baking kit brand), but our televisions miss her dearly so we decided to dream cast her in five shows that we would love her join this year!

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  1. The Vampire Diaries, because duh. But I want to see SMG as a villainous vampire who is just pure evil. We have seen her stake vamps, now lets see her with some fangs! Yes, that’s right. Buffy as a vampire!
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  2. Supernatural. How great would it be to see Sarah Michelle Gellar fighting side by side with the Winchesters? It has been many a fangirl’s dream to have Dean and Buffy together, so how about SMG as a hunter? Or an angel! OR THE DARKNESS (the new Season 11 Big Bad)! Either way, I want her on Supernatural and I want her ganking monsters with Dean Winchester.
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    It wouldn’t be the first time that a Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum has appeared on Supernatural. SMG’s appearance would break the internet (or maybe just Tumblr) if she appeared as a hunter trying to take down these two married witches that appeared a couple seasons ago …

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  3. Teen Wolf. When Teen Wolf returns, how great would it be to see Sarah as a teacher or better yet, the new librarian! Teen Wolf does a great job of developing the adult characters and SMG as a librarian with a dark past sounds pretty epic, if you ask me. And maybe if there was a teacher who didn’t try to sacrifice them for pagan rituals, the kids at Beacon Hills High would actually get some homework done!
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  4. Agents of Shield as an Inhuman with some crazy powers, but with a long story arc. This one seems totally possible because Agents of Shield is a Joss Whedon show (he also created Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and we know Whedon loves to pull his key players into his projects.
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  5. The 100. We know that this season we will get to see other Grounder tribes. Sarah Michelle Gellar as a Grounder would be pretty great. She could bring a level of sass and wit to the Grounders that we haven’t seen before.
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    So please universe, make this happen!!!!

What show would you love to see Sarah Michelle Gellar appear on?


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