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‘Supernatural’: Jensen Ackles previews season 11 big bad, the “Darkness”

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Oh, what’s that? The Winchesters unleashed a terrifying primitive evil that threatens to engulf the entire world in intense suffering and misery? Yep, sounds about right! Bring it on Season 11!

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Supernatural has explored its fair share of petrifying “big bads” but this ridiculously spooky new villain, known as the “Darkness,” isn’t going to be an easy win for the boys. As Jensen Ackles explained in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, “This one’s interesting because it’s not really a monster. It’s more of a primal force that we know nothing about. There’s no lore; there’s no guidebook; there’s no instruction manual on how to deal with this.”

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“As of right now we have it built as one specific entity, obviously that would be a character that we’re introducing,” Ackles continues. “We don’t know the scope of her powers.” That’s right! It looks like the Darkness isn’t just a big ass cloud of scary, it will take the form of a woman, which sounds AMAZING!

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What’s a Winchester to do? Throw some salt at it? Check Dad’s journal? Call Bobby? No, no, I think we all know who needs to come and clean up after our favorite brothers— GOD/CHUCK! As Death indicated, God was the one who trapped and locked the Darkness away the first time, long ago. God could fix it, but first they need to find him!

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No matter how they plan to battle the Darkness, we can’t wait to see how it all goes down. Ten seasons have shown us that Sam and Dean won’t go down without a fight and they certainly don’t scare easy. The Winchesters laugh in the face of danger DARKNESS!

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Season 11 of Supernatural returns on Wednesday, October 7 at 9PM EST on The CW.


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