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New NBC Pilot: ‘Brides of Dracula’

Image source: ‘Van Helsing’

If you like strong female leads and supernatural themes, NBC’s new pilot commitment Brides of Dracula is for you! The story is based on the same nightmare-inducing trio you know from the 2004 film, Van Helsing. Originally, (PS. we’re taking it back to 1897) Bram Stoker introduced them in his novel, Dracula. Since then, they’ve been a staple in any Dracula adaptation including the 1967 British film, The Brides of Dracula.

The “vampire sisters” were notorious for tempting men and committing brutal murders. Now, yes, they were killed by Van Helsing. However, what’s life without some imagination? Greg Berlanti (producer, Arrow) and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (writer, Glee) teamed up to bring us a new pilot focusing on how these three women would survive in the 21st century in the Big Apple.

We’ll be able to watch them protect each other, cause some mayhem, and probably scare some souls. Plus, they are very powerful and cunning group of women which always makes for good television. It’s going to be a family drama so call all of your relations including your twice removed, weird but funny, Uncle Bill for a watch party!

In case his name sounded familiar, Berlanti is the producer for Arrow, The FlashLegends of Tomorrow, SupergirlBlindspot, and The Mysteries of Laura. Sacasa should sound familiar as well since he has his own list of credits. He’s worked on Glee, Big Love, and the 2013 Carrie remake. These are extremely talented men who are known for bringing quality programming to the universe. Let’s all watch together?

This story was first reported on Deadline and you can read more at EW.


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