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The best moments from ‘Teen Wolf’ season 5A

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It’s that time of the year again, you guys. And I don’t mean the day we collectively mourn not receiving our Hogwarts letters, but you might as well add that too! The end of August means the end of Teen Wolf’s summer season, with the finale taking place last week and this one being woefully devoid of new episodes.

Before we move on to 5B, let’s take a look back at the first half of the season and the already iconic moments it brought.

  • Most Likely To … Fall into a hole?

Listen, before he got himself a Chimera Zombie girlfriend (don’t ask) and almost killed Scotty, Liam was offering some very welcome comic relief.

honey bb liam 1

Parenting. It’s not for everyone. Also can I call him Leeyum from now on? Cool? Cool.

  • “Does she love you? And, I swear I do.”

It’s no secret Stiles and Malia are my favorite pairing on the show right now, and maybe probably ever. These two had a deplorably low number of scenes together this season, and the little they had was spent lying to each other for ridiculous reasons. Which is UNACCEPTABLE.

Malia is part of The Vision, goddammit!

  • The Fallen  

As if the season premiere wasn’t emotional enough, this scene gave a little nod to beloved characters who aren’t on the show anymore.

*props up a ‘I MISS YOU, ALLISON ARGENT’ banner* Hopefully Derek is in a safe and happy place where leather jackets grow on trees and the national language is slightly offended growls.

  • Intoxicate my veins

Are you currently listening to Wild Ones by Bahari? No?! What are you waiting for! It’s the soundtrack for this iconic bromantic moment between your faves!

Is there any way to take emotional pain away, Scott? Work on that, please and thank you.

“… make me misbehave, be my great escape till we fade away.” 

  • Paging Dr. Scotty McCall

Scott working at the clinic scene? Sure. Add a sick puppy? Um. Throw in an adorable little girl who calls Scott ‘Doctor’? Yeah, I’m done.
  • She’s a survivor

Lydia may be in quite the dire situation after the 5A finale, but thanks to Parrish she learned how to fight and she’s putting those skills to good use.

Hair game: A+. It didn’t hurt that Aiden made a surprise appearance right after this happened, either.

  • Somebody new 

Bittersweet as it was to see the Sheriff attempt to—if not move on—at least give himself a chance to … after 9 years, the guy deserves some happiness.

Preferably with a certain nurse, especially now that Agent McDoucheface seems to be out of the picture, redemption arc or not.

  • Murder, He Wrote

For every “aw” scene, you get a “who ripped my heart out and stomped on it” one so it’s only fair that “Required Reading’s” first 15 minutes changed the show’s dynamics pretty much forever.

Stiles’ silent, unstable, downward spiral was a moment that won’t be soon forgotten, if ever.

  • Fatherly advice

Since we now know Chris Argent will be back for 5B, I suggest he and Malia’s dad get together and form some kind of Boyfriend-Terrorizers club. Don’t invite Mr. Yukimura though, he’s more of a “set up your daughter with your local Alpha” type of parent.

In some alternate universe, Allison is hiding her face in her hands and emerging only to exchange a long-suffering look with Malia. In the regular Teen Wolf universe, Peter Hale is smirking, high-fiving Malia, and shouting “GO FOR IT!”

  • Blood Brothers

This was very hurtful for everyone involved and I would be grateful if Miss Morrell swooped in and gave these two some much-needed couples therapy. Have you tried the staring in each other’s eyes technique, guys?

  • Everybody Dance Now

To conclude on a lighter note, Brett needs to be in all the Sinema scenes, regardless of plot.

Sooo, what were your favorite moments from Teen Wolf season 5A?

I may have to dedicate another list (Favorite Villain Acts?) entirely to Theo. Somehow, having caused the pack to implode and all, he didn’t quite fit here.

Teen Wolf returns to MTV January, 2016. 



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