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‘Teen Wolf’ music: 5×10 “Status Asthmaticus”

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Finales are often too action-packed to include many musical cues, but this episode still had two. Find out which songs were used below!

“Everything’s Not Gone” by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

This song plays while Malia drives Stiles to the police station after his Jeep finally broke down, and reveales she knew about Donovan’s death. It does not make for a happy road-trip, let me tell you.

Unfortunately the song isn’t available yet, but you can learn more about Vancouver Sleep Clinic at MTV Artists.

“Ghosts” by BANNERS

“Ghosts” plays at the end of the episode, as everyone is either dying or desperately heartbroken, which seems fitting.

That’s it for this season of Teen Wolf  on the musical front. Now make sure you go back and listen to all your favorite musical moments from the season!



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