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‘Teen Wolf’ casting announcement for the Desert Wolf!

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It’s been a long time coming but thanks to TVLine we finally have a name for the actress interpreting Malia’s birth mother a.k.a: the Desert Wolf! Marisol Nichols, who’s had roles on 24, The Gates, and NCIS, is joining the cast, so expect to see her as season 5A wraps up!


What we know so far about the Desert Wolf isn’t exactly encouraging though, so don’t get too attached.

Let’s see, she…

1. Obviously “dated” Peter at some point. And by dated I mean one night-stand-ed maybe, probably, who knows?
2. Didn’t tell Peter about Malia and set up her daughter for adoption or worse, abandoned her.
3. Was the reason for the accident that ultimately caused Malia’s adoptive mother and sister’s deaths.
4. Consequently was the source of Malia’s guilt, leaving her thinking she was the one who’d killed them and provoking her eight-year stint in the woods stuck in coyote form.


5. Is still around, killing people whom she deems “deserve” it but, at this point, who knows if they really do…
6. Doesn’t seem to have a happy, feel-y reunion with said-daughter, but a rather traumatic one if the trailer is anything to go by.


7. Quite
8. Honestly
9. Scares

What are you most excited about: Knowing what Malia’s mother has been up to? Finding out her actual name (imagine if it’s something completely normal like “Brenda”…)? Why she is coming back to Beacon Hills?

Still. I can’t wait to know more about the Desert Wolf and her motives! Stay tuned for next week’s “Ouroboros”, official synopsis below:

Scott and Malia try to rescue captured friends; Deaton discovers something horrific about The Dread Doctors.

Gee, I wonder how much more “horrific” the Doctors can get…



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