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‘Teen Wolf’ promo videos for 5×08 “Ouroboros”

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It seems like just yesterday Teen Wolf’s season 5 was finally upon us after endless months of waiting and now we’re three episodes from the mid-season finale! I’d rather not think about how empty life will be once it airs, probably leaving us with one hell of a cliffhanger. Kind of like this week’s episode did, with that pesky dead body hanging around the McCall residence. If you need a quick refresher (the Dread Doctors do induce amnesia, so …) never fear, we’ve got you covered. Spoiler alert: Beacon Hills High is the worst and you should never, ever send your kids (or anyone else) there.


“Yeah, well, I’m glad I brought my gun.”
– Deputy Parrish and also everyone else in Beacon Hills.

Of course, the end of the first half of season 5 approaching means even more intense episodes, and if the promos for next week’s ‘Ouroboros’ are anything to go by, we’re in for a rough ride.


So, what have we learned so far? Well, terrifyingly enough, Kira has apparently been tampered with by the Doctors during the season premiere, when she was struck in traffic. This isn’t disturbing in the slightest. It does explain why her kitsune powers have suddenly gone haywire though. Hayden’s sister also seems to get involved in some way, and Scott is blaming himself for everything. Wait till you hear about what happened to Donovan, Scotty …

In any case, if you thought Hayden and Liam were going to walk out of the Doctors’ lab safe and sound, think again!!


In this extended clip Liam tries to take Hayden’s pain, to no avail. What? Not everyone gets the Isaac treatment consisting of practicing on puppies and making everyone, including himself, tear up, all right?


Yes, I’m guilty of gratuitous GIF-usage but I miss Isaac so much, you guys.

See you all next week, for more blood (from anyone residing in Beacon Hills) and tears (mine).



With a double major in engineering and fangirling, Cecile frequently feels like she lives in the wrong time zone and has become increasingly familiar with sleep deprivation. The fact that she hates coffee doesn’t help, either. Her super powers include convincing friends to watch and become obsessed with 'Teen Wolf', one adorable Stiles GIF-set at a time.

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