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‘Teen Wolf’ music: 5×07 “Strange Frequencies”

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In all honesty, this week’s episode was so intense that I barely had time to pay attention to the musical cues, buuut this is why re-watches are possible and practically mandatory!

“Blush” by SBCR (featuring Elisa Bee and His Majesty Andre) 

Blush plays while everyone’s busy planning how to avoid/fool/trap the Dread Doctors … good luck with that, guys.


“Open Heart – Bonus Acoustic Mix” (featuring Lissie) by Morgan Page 

As Scott and Kira reminisce about the good old times (for them, not me) because she’s currently going cray, “Open Heart” (ironically) plays out in the background.


“Drexler” by Made In Heights 

One always needs music to be poked with needles to, even if it is for acupuncture and Kitsune reasons.


“Get Back Up” by The Unknown

“Get Back Up” is the song playing while “Mission Hiding Hayden from the Dread Doctors” is being set up. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t really go according to plan.


“Holland” by Glass Face 

“What am I?” Ahh, the eternal question teens ask themselves everyday. Well, supernatural teens, anyway. Holland is the song playing as Hayden ponders this very question, in a quite sweet moment with her former foe: Liam.


“Pleasure” by Wurk Insoxx

And because it wouldn’t be a Teen Wolf episode without some kind of dance-y beat from Sinema, here’s the last song from the episode. Mason unfortunately realizes his potential new love-interest is *gasp* a Chimera.


That’s all for this week, guys! Which one was your favorite? I think I’m already in love with the Glass Face song! *heart-eyes*



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