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‘Teen Wolf’ music: 5×06 “Required Reading”

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Sinema made an appearance again in this week’s Teen Wolf episode, meaning more songs to dance to! Take a look below at what played during “Required Reading” and sing along listen as you read!

“Ghost Dance” by The Bright Light Social Hour

Song playing when Theo works out. The more Malia/Theo scenes there are, the less subtle the music becomes. Is it me or does this sound like a song one would strip to?! Case in point: as Malia walks into the gym where Theo is working out, he notices her and takes off his shirt, because why not I guess.


“Attack” by Conway 

Meanwhile, Lydia’s learning how to fight thanks to a very dedicated deputy Parrish, as the appropriately named “Attack” by Conway plays in the background.


“Famous and Rich” by Naughty Queen, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello

Song playing in Sinema. I remember when I was underage and serving alcohol at a mixed(ish) club … not. Anyway, Liam was all knight in glowy-eyed armor while he helped Hayden restore the power as “Famous and Rich” played in the background. I’m not sure Hayden appreciates the irony of the title of the song, honestly.


“Bust One (feat. Metric Man)” by Proper Villains

Song playing during lacrosse. Ah, sports—The best way to show your crush you like them, am I right? Impress them while “Bust One” by Proper Villains gives you a nice rhythm to pelt lacrosse balls with enough force to rip the net. But not, say, pelt said-crush with lacrosse balls. That only works when you’re trying to help your friend control his werewolf-y tendencies, not when you’re seeking forgiveness for something that happened when you were kids.


“Freaks (feat. Savage)” by Timmy Trumpet

In an episode full of childhood-related hallucinations, we got to see Hayden and Liam as kids, both sporting various injuries. Apparently, this isn’t the first time they’ve pushed each other to breaking point. Freaks indeed.


“It’s Good (feat. Ryan Levine)” by Ethel and the Chordtones

“It’s Good” played as the episode confirmed that Hayden is, indeed, a supernatural creature when Liam lifts a glow-stick up to her eyes and the tell-tale glow appears in them. The song is, unfortunately, unavailable for now but you can learn more about Ethel and the Chordtones on MTV Artists.

Sooo, which song was your favorite, guys? Were you disappointed about the lack of Ruelle this week?



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