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‘Teen Wolf’ 5×06 recap: Secrets and Lies

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Season 5, Episode 6, “Required Reading”, Aired July 27, 2015

So, let me get this straight. Dr. Valack, an Eichen House long-term resident who has a third eye and a permanent hole in his skull (so clearly an entirely reliable individual), wrote a book about the villains currently afflicting Beacon Hills. His aim was to lead other Dread Doctor victims to him, since reading the book would trigger their memory of how the Doctors tampered with them. But—you might want to sit down at this point—the visions brought on by the book aren’t necessarily Dread Doctor related. Nah, stuff just happens at random, and also to people who haven’t been affected by the Doctors (Scott) or even encountered them yet (Stiles). So these teens all take the next logical step and read the damn thing, explaining the rather obvious title of the episode. Sure. Why not. #TeenWolfLogic: let’s get it trending.



With a double major in engineering and fangirling, Cecile frequently feels like she lives in the wrong time zone and has become increasingly familiar with sleep deprivation. The fact that she hates coffee doesn’t help, either. Her super powers include convincing friends to watch and become obsessed with 'Teen Wolf', one adorable Stiles GIF-set at a time.

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