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‘Teen Wolf’ music: 5×05 “A Novel Approach”

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Tense episodes often means fewer songs and “A Novel Approach” was no exception. That’s not to say the songs didn’t make for impactful moments, though. Listen to them again below and enjoy!

1. “Eyes Closed” by Hermitude

This song plays during the part where Malia and Theo are driving and things go … awry. Unfortunately. this one isn’t available online (yet), but you can check out Hermitude on MTV artists.

2. “Thinkin’ of You” by Summer Heart 

It’s not the Bestiary this time, but there’s a new book in town and Malia and Lydia ponder whether it means anything as “Thinkin’ Of You” plays in the background. (I don’t know, sometimes the songs are lyric-appropriate to specific moments, sometimes not so much). My advice to them about this particular novel though; BURN IT WITH FIRE.


3. “Strange Entity” by Oscar and the Wolf

I have a feeling I’m going to like all the Malia/Theo songs, and this one, playing when he offers her a ride from the school library, is going to become a fast-favorite.


4. “Until We Go Down” by Ruelle

I’m not sure if Ruelle intended her song to be taken quite so literally, as it played when Scott and Kira slumped down in front of Eichen House after she almost burned him to a crisp, but here it goes.


The Ruelle songs fit the Teen Wolf universe so perfectly it’s hard to imagine episodes without them now, right? *listens to them all on a loop*

Hopefully the first song becomes available soon because I can’t stop listening to it and unfortunately that also means watching Malia freak out on repeat, which is quite painful honestly.

That’s it for now, more next week, folks!



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