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‘Teen Wolf’ music: 5×03, “Dreamcatchers”

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“Dreamcatchers” was a little lighter on song-usage than the past two episodes but the musical cues were on point.


1. “Set it Off” by Life In Film

Since Malia wrecked havock during Driver’s Ed last week, much to Mr. Yukimura’s dismay, Lydia and Kira took it upon themselves to help her progress. The song playing while Lydia carefully tries to guide her is a bouncy, upbeat piece by Life in Film.



2. “Ilium” by Alex Metric 

Brett is baaaaaack y’all. Mason was all of us when he oggled Brett in all his shirtless glory while Ilium played in the background, adding some intensity to an already interesting encounter.



3. “Take it All” by Ruelle 

My personal favorite of the episode: Malia overcoming the (sort of) Kanima’s paralyzing venom and saving the day to the quiet but overwhelming notes of Take It All. Ruelle was already included in last week’s second episode: “Parasomnia” and I couldn’t be happier to hear another song from her.



Which one was your favorite? Tune in next week for more Teen Wolf music!



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