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‘Teen Wolf’ first look at 5×01: ‘Creatures of the Night’ cold open

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As a “Moonday” treat, MTV released the first 6 minutes of the season 5 premiere. Oh, to hear the dulcet blood-curdling tones of one Lydia Martin again! Math prodigy by day, banshee extraordinaire by night … or rather during a mandatory stay at Eichen House?! If you were confused about Season 5 before, prepare to be even more so for the upcoming season 6.

This season will apparently be told in reverse order: starting from the end and working its way back to this institutionalized, hallucinating but nevertheless kickass, ninja version of Lydia. Let’s break it down, shall we?

It all starts with a very Psycho-esque shower scene, which we all know Teen Wolf is particularly fond of:

Is that an open, suspiciously bite-looking, wound above her hip?! I don’t want to be pessimistic but nothing good ever comes from Lydia taking showers.

Be environmentally responsible and have Parrish shower with you, Lydia (for protection, of course.) It’s your best plan at this point. Anyway, right after some walking-dead style wandering in the corridors, the new orderlies who seem almost as nice as the late serial-killer Brunski make it their mission to sedate her.

Which is when you might want to slap some cute, pink, fluffy earmuffs on, as The Scream makes a wicked comeback in one of the coolest banshee scenes so far in the series.

Lydia then proceeds to kick some orderly-ass and reveal new, improved, and very impressive banshee powers.

All while looking like a l’Oreal model, naturally. Girl has got that hair-swish down.

She very nearly escapes, too, but an unexpected blast from the past stops her in her tracks. No, not Jackson (thankfully), or even Allison (unfortunately) but…

Aaaaaand scene!

So Lydia’s hallucinating her dead ex-boyfriend and even in the afterlife he’s in cahoots with the bad guys. No more “Draw me like one of your French girls” for you, Aiden!

And if you naively thought that Lydia being in Eichen House was bad enough, wait till you see what she wants to warn her friends about…

Cheerful, huh? Here, watch the whole thing and see for yourself.



13 days to go till Season 5 premieres on June 29! In the meantime, it’s back to business at the writers’ headquarters: Season 5B is officially on its way!


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