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Best moments from ‘Teen Wolf’ season 4

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The Teen Wolf Season 4 DVD is coming out next week! While any kind of bonus content is always appreciated, it’s also an opportunity to binge-watch all 12 episodes (which might just be the best way to see, and appreciate, season 4 … but this is not the time to delve into that) and gear up for season 5! Looking back, here are a few of my favorite moments.

It’s never more apparent how much Scott & Stiles’ relationship anchors (ha, get it? Anchors? Okay, I’ll see myself out) the show than when we don’t get enough of it during a season. So we have to savor it when gems like the following scene happen!

Survival of the fittest, huh buddy? Speaking of anchors, Stiles did a pretty great job with Malia when she was struggling with the change.

Plus, this scene came with a bunch of warm, fuzzy, Nogitsune memories, in case you missed him. (You know you do—don’t lie)

Fear not though, season 4 featured scary new creatures a-plenty. So you thought wendigos were the worst of the bunch? Or the mouthless bald guy? Maybe even the Berserkers? THINK AGAIN.

Willow never asked for this (although she does look oddly comfortable), and I guess since her owner is on the dead side of things, she’ll end up getting cleaned up by Scott at the clinic. Still, the sheer number of creatures does not explain what, exactly, is our my favorite BHPD deputy.

Whatever Parrish ends up being, he can either survive fire unscathed or resuscitate. Phoenix? Salamander? Who knows, but Jeff Davis has promised this would be revealed during season 5, so keep your eyes open for new clues!

You know who else almost died at the hands of a madman, in one of the most intense scenes of the season?

At this point it’s probably safer to stay far, far away from all the chemistry teachers. Or teachers in general, really. (Remember Miss Jennifer –The Darach– Blake?)

Speaking of madmen, you might as well put sordid head-orderlies who work in mental hospitals with a 1950s, American Horror Story: Asylum aesthetic in the same bag.

“Please don’t hurt her.”
“Hurt who?”

Season 4 wasn’t all fire, blood, and mangled bodies fortunately. Even with a recently changed beta and a recently turned-back-to-human werecoyote, you still gotta make some time for dates!

And hijacking your boyfriend’s bed sleepovers are important in any relationship. Being the little spoon is merely icing on the cake.

Another fun pastime in Beacon Hills is testing exactly how far the Sheriff’s sanity can be pushed. Banshees? Sure. Ritual sacrifices? Okay. Evil fox spirits? Eh. But Sheriff Stilinski draws the line at magically de-aged teen werewolves with a superiority complex.

But just when you thought the dashes of humor were going to save you from All The Pain …

*hands you a tissue*

You can already watch the gag reels from season 4 here and here!



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