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5 top moments from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 6

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Hey, m’loves! How are ya’ll coping with no The Vampire Diaries episodes airing every week? Heartbreaking, right? Well, since we may all be down in the dumps due to not seeing our Salvatore bros and the gang for a while, I thought I’d make that frown turn upside down by sharing my fav TVD moments from season six. Yes, I know … there are SO many to choose from, which made this very difficult to narrow down. With that note, you seriously just cannot deny the epicness of this season! Am I right, or what?

Let’s take a look at the five top moments from season six, shall we?

5. Damon making Bon-Bon pancakes (or should I say, vamp-cakes!) 


During this scene, we all finally got to see what da fucque happened to Bonnie and Damon while they were on “the other side”. Were they sobbing over missing their loved ones, or over the fact they have been sucked into oblivion? NOPE! The pair seemed to be living life to the fullest, not a dull moment in sight! Damon was swoon-worthy while wearing that red flannel as he whipped up some pancakes for his BFF, Bonnie. Basically, since then, Damon and Bonnie’s relationship has grown immensely which certainly makes it a very memorable moment!

Seen: Episode 1, “I’ll Remember”

4. Stefan and Damon reuniting


Finally, Damon breaks free from the 1994 Kai-atorty (purgatory for Kai) and returns safe and sound to Mystic Falls. Hallelujah! And just who does he find the exact moment he arrives back? Oh, that would be his brother, Stefan! Stef near enough breaks down at the mere sight of Damon and the two reunite! That hug though, right? The theme of brotherly love game is as strong as ever! However, the only downfall at that moment, was the fact that poor Bon-Bon was trapped in the alternative world along side Kai. *sobs*

Seen: Episode 5, “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here “

3. Elena getting Alaric to compel away her memories of Damon


After weeks of struggling with the loss of Damon, Elena gives in to defeat and asks Alaric to compel away her memories. We all knew this was a seriously irrational decision she was making, but if that helped ease the pain a little, then I don’t blame the girl. Throughout the episode, Elena reminisces back to the moment where she first actually fell in love with Damon and it was f***ing heartbreaking! With that moment found, this was the key for Ric to successfully make her forget her true love for Damon.

Seen: Episode 2, “Yellow Ledbetter”

2. Kai vs Luke


Luke stood up against the sadistic killer, Kai, and geared up for the fight of his life, like, literally. Despite Kai and Luke not exactly being twins themselves, the merge still went down and I was on edge the whole scene! Then came the nerve-wracking moment to see who would wake up first, making them the winner. Firstly, Luke’s eyes open and there was a small glimmer of hope that he beat Kai in the showdown (yes, I was now crying with joy at this point). But, nope. KAI wins the merge! Oh yes, here came the ugly-crying (again). #RIPLuke. I was rooting for you, buddy!

Seen: Episode 12, “Prayer for the Dying”

1. Elena and Bonnie’s goodbye 


To be honest, all of Elena’s goodbye scenes were incredibly memorable for me, but one stood out the most and that was with Bonnie. Maybe it was due to the fact that only one of them can now live at the same time (since they are linked), aka making this the last moment EVER that either one of them will see each other. Then, when Elena asked Bonnie to “do it one last time” I just knew what she was talking about. Aaaaand the sobbing commenced again! Didn’t you just love the parallel from season one to then, with the feather trick?

Seen: Episode 22, “I’m thinking of You All the While”


Side note: Caroline and Stefan turning off their humanity is definitely up there in one of my other top moments from season six. So, shout out to that! And, yes, the tears have well and truly commenced once more! Wahhh!

Let me know your top moments of season six in the comment section below!

Love always,

Zina, xoxo


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