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Fashion inspiration from the ‘Teen Wolf’ girls!

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It’s that time of the year again! No, not Halloween in Beacon Hills, but the time to wear cute summery outfits and cool sunglasses. Or knee-high boots and jackets when for some obscure reason, the weather isn’t following seasonal trends, and it’s raining in May. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. *adjusts woolly sweater*

Yes, Miranda, FLORALS. Florals are cool, cheerful, and bright! The Beacon Hills girls are often in dire need of some kind of small flicker of happiness, so if florals are what it takes, then so be it. What’s great about Teen Wolf in terms of fashion is that Allison, Malia, Kira, and Lydia each have a very distinctive sense of style. This makes it easy for anyone to find something to their taste with a bunch of character-inspired outfits!

All-terrain warrior princess.

Allison’s fashion choices remained pretty consistent over the seasons, varying from comfortable and sporty to quietly elegant. Sometimes she branched out a little, so whatever she ended up wearing, it was never boring.

Here’s an example of an Allison-inspired outfit:

Allison V1


Earrings – Jacket – Dress – Tights – Boots

See, the rain boots are important because while Teen Wolf takes place in California, I’m guessing it’s Northern California considering the sheer amount of rain that pours down on people.

Casual is as casual does.

On one hand, having lived a considerable part of her life as a coyote, it would seem understandable that Malia wouldn’t want any synthetic fabrics touching her skin. On the other, she’s always cold… So the bargain seems to be long-sleeves with short shorts, which has the advantage of being super cute! Malia often sticks to soft pastel colors, combining open blouses with denim.

In that vein, I’m kind of in love with the ankle boots below. Also the cut-out shirt. Also everything.

Malia V1 (2)


Shirt – Bracelet – Shorts – Boots

Walk, walk fashion baby.

Hair curled to perfection, impeccably dressed, and heels you can crush supernatural creatures with? Lydia’s your girl. Sure, some of her outfits make you wonder how on Earth she can get away with them in a high-school setting, but there’s no denying they work. Night-time stroll to the pool only to find a dead body? Lydia may not like what her banshee powers have brought her but damn if she isn’t going to look awesome while she deals with the repercussions!

And, it turns out, so can we!

Lydia V1 (3)


Headband – Sunglasses – Nails  – Top – Shorts – Shoes

(The nail polish is actually California Coral by Essie)

Katana-shaped pockets optional

Kira’s outfits often combine various patterns or fabrics that you wouldn’t necessarily think work together until you see them on her and they just do.

This Kira-inspired one may be a little simpler than what she’d usually wear buuut the hot pink nail art makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

Kira V1 (2)

Shirt – Nails – Bracelet – Skirt – Boots

What’s great is that if for example you enjoy Lydia’s style but want to tone it down to something more casual, you can totally mix and match. Let’s make #FierceFashion from Teen Wolf a thing!


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