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Always Keep Fighting: A message of support for Jared Padalecki

As many of you will know, Jared recently had to cancel two upcoming convention appearances, and head home suffering from exhaustion. Our beloved Moose reached out to the Supernatural family looking for some love and support, and of course, we reacted. Jared has always been there for his fans, and we were happy and proud to reciprocate.

I will list some of the fan projects for Jared later in the post, but for now, I’m going to be self-indulgent and tell you about some of my favourite things about Jared Padalecki.

1. Sam Winchester

Granted, that one is pretty obvious, but what can I say? Supernatural is my bag. Sam is smart, sweet, and sensitive. He’s also a total badass, a proper hero who will fight tooth and nail for those he loves and the right thing. And he’s funny as hell, too.


2. Because before he was Sam … he was Dean.

Jared played Dean Forrester in The Gilmore Girls and was Rory’s first serious boyfriend. I just love the fact that he was perfecting Dean’s moves before Jensen did …


3. Taking one for the team

And let’s not forget that he went through the entire movie of Friday the 13th wearing a t-shirt two sizes too small for him, and never once complained

jared friday the 13th

He endured a Dr. Who length scarf and discovered his love for beanies in The Christmas Cottage.


4. Mega Moose

But the real reason the fandom loves Jared Padalecki is because he loves us. He shares his goofy pictures and videos from on and off the set, live tweets episodes, and most recently, set up the Always Keep Fighting campaign to raise money for To Write Love on Her Arms—a charity to assist those dealing with depression, anxiety, and self harm issues. This is a charity close to Jared’s own heart, as he has recently opened up about struggles he’s dealt with.

This campaign has meant so much to so many members of the Supernatural family. Depression has been swept under the carpet for so long, treated as a non-issue, or something to be ashamed of. For Jared to wear his heart on his sleeve like this, to share his story, is so meaningful. It shows that it can affect anyone, even a guy who seems to have everything. Nobody is immune.

Having had the pleasure of meeting him twice at conventions now, I can attest that this is a person who radiates warmth and caring. He takes the time to talk to the hundreds of people who queue up for photo ops and autographs. I saw him turn a little girl upside down as she squealed with delight, and the rest of us in the photo op queue wondered could we dare to ask (I didn’t).

Jared Photo Op CopyThat’s me on the right, and my friend Kel. Proof I love you, Jared, I don’t do photos! 

I also got to see a panel where his gorgeous wife joined him, and see them being ridiculously adorable together.


And of course, there’s his friendship with this guy.


Sam and Dean Winchester may be brothers on television, but the bond between these two is clear both on and off the screen.

The great news is that Jared tweeted earlier today, and is sounding positive.

Jared need us 3

Jared, thank you for all you’ve done for all of us. We’re so glad that you found the strength to reach out in your time of need. We’re so proud that you trusted us enough to look for our support. Rest up and spend time with your family. We’ll Always Keep Fighting for ourselves and for you.




Here’s a list of some of the projects fans have started to send Jared support:

Winchester Bros Project

An E-card for Jared

A Collection of Messages

Always Keep Fighting blog

And if you want to send Jared a longer personal letter, this is his management address:

Jared Padalecki,

c/o Industry Entertainment,

955 S. Carrillo Dr.,

3rd Floor,

Los Angeles CA 90048


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