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‘The Vampire Diaries’ music: 6×20, “I’d Leave My Happy Home for You”

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TVD fam, get all the music from the latest episode, 6×20, “I’d Leave My Happy Home for You”, here! It was a downright epic episode and this weeks playlist was no different, so check out the videos below!

1. “Ladies Night” by Kool & The Gang: Song playing while Elena and Bonnie surprise Jo at work for her bachelorette party, with a stripper.

2. “Moment Goes” by The Young Wild: Song playing while Elena, Bonnie, and Jo are talking while eating in the empty diner.

3. “Wolves” by Dreamers: Song playing while Ric questions Damon’s decision to take the cure for vampirism; Tyler turns up to the bachelor party; Enzo grabs a jelly-shot; Stefan leaves Caroline another voice-mail.

4. “Better Together” by Imaginary Future: Song playing while Tyler offers to drive home a drunk Matt, with Matt responding by criticizing his anger issues and how he is in training for deputy.

5. “Archie, Mary Me” by Alvvays: Song playing while Jo questions Elena over Damon’s ‘proposal’, then Bonnie gives them her advice by stating she thinks Elena should take the cure.

6. “All the Time” by Team: (video not available) Song playing while Stefan talks to Lily about grieving at the bar.

7. “Fly (Acoustic)” by Meadowlark: Song playing while Jo rushes over to save a bleeding Bonnie; Damon and Elena discuss their fav perks of being a vampire, then Damon shows her an illusion of her old house; Elena accepts Damon’s ‘proposal’ and takes the cure.

8. “Shine” by Collective Soul: Song playing while Kai calls the hybrid witch-vamps for dinner.

Check back each week in the music section for more TVD playlists!

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays on The CW at 8/7c


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